YouTube Play-Along Channels & Playlists for music teachers

What to consider

There are lots of play-along channels out there that are great for using in a classroom with students. Whether it’s playing a ukulele, recorder, boomwhackers, body percussion or even just for a bit of fun, we’ve got something for you in this list of Youtube play-along channels.

The best play-along channels have just one simple thing: on-screen graphic or traditional notations!

Each of the channels below has strengths in different areas and you may find that you may want to try out a couple of different channels to meet the needs of your students.

Here are 15 great play-along Youtube channels that will encourage lots of fun and learning. Your students will be begging to play again and again!


1. Ukulele Tenor

This channel is a wonderful educational resource for all things ukulele related.

2. Cynthia Lin Music

Cynthia Lin creates tutorial videos for the ukulele and hosts monthly live jam sessions!

3. Ukulaliens – Ukulele Club

This channel has play along videos and tutorials for beginner -intermediate ukulele players.

4. DrJillReese

Dr. Jill Reese is a professor of music education at the State University of New York at Fredonia. Her channel is home to many ukulele play-along videos.


5. Visual Musical Minds

Nathan Walby, the creator of Visual Musical Minds,  started this channel as a flipped-classroom project for his elementary music classes. It’s now home to warm up videos, play-along videos, and much more!

6. Sarah Jeffery / Team Recorder

Sarah Jeffery, a classically trained musician based in Amsterdam, has a goal… to make music lessons accessible for all.  She shares beginner recorder lessons, more in-depth tutorials and has lots of fun!

7. Recorder teacher – Karen Barton

Karen Barton, Director of Kent Youth recorders, Director of Kent Music Summer School Recorder Course and Head of Medway Towns Music Centre, explores different aspects of teaching ensemble work.


8. Musication

“music+education+gamification = musication”

This  channel comes to us from Jan Vink, who is a primary music teacher in the Netherlands.

He creates visual playalongs for boomwhackers, (body-) percussion and handbells for primary education.

9. Music in School

This channel is a great resource for Boomwhackers activities, play-alongs, and useful tips.

10. Boomwhackers! HarvardTHUD

This playlist is from THUD, a student-run organization at Harvard College.  Some of their featured songs are the Star Wars Medley, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Toto’s Africa, just to name a few!

Body percussion

11. Tutorials

This playlist comes to us from Santi Serratosa López. She shares her body percussion choreography for a number of modern songs.

12. Body Percussion Songs

This playlist shares different examples of students warming up and performing body percussion.

Just for Fun

13. Rhythmic Resources

This playlist is from Debbie O’Shea at Crescendo Music Education. These videos are a great resource for many activities in your classroom.

14. Singing Games and Dances

This playlist is from Aileen Miracle from Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room.  

15. Music classroom games

This playlist is a collection of engaging music games for older students.

What channel/s do you watch?

Do you use any Youtube play-along channels with your students? Do you love any channels or playlists that aren’t on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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