Podcasts for music educators


Professional Development On-The-Go: Podcasts For Music Educators

Why podcasts?

I recently wrote about the ways in which I keep up with technology and mentioned that podcasts are possibly my favourite method of consuming information because I can do other things at the same time. They’re also free!

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I subscribe to a number of podcasts and because they are downloaded automatically on to my phone, I have them with me all the time.  I listen while I’m in the shower, cooking or cleaning at home, while driving or while running.  In fact, I look forward to those activities when I know I have new podcast episodes to listen to!

A podcast is simply a type of radio show that can be heard “on demand”.  You don’t need to wait until a scheduled broadcast time and you can pause the episode half-way through if you like.

A number of you asked me to share my favourite podcasts, so here they are.

My original favourites (but alas, no longer active)

When I first began listening to podcasts, I had a few favourite education ones.  Unfortunately my top 3 are no longer in production, but you can listen to the old episodes on the podcast website, and some can are still be found in iTunes.

  1. Rodd Lucier’s The Clever Sheep – this was an early technology in education favourite and I learnt so much from Rodd’s short, concise episodes.  The final episode was recorded in 2012.
  2. James Frankel’s Podcast – Jim had one of the only podcasts I know of that was specifcally about the use of technology in music education.  He shared conference presentations, and information about the ways in which he used technology in music teaching (the podcast ended 2011).
  3. The Ed Tech Crew – an Australian education technology podcast hosted by two teachers who shared tech tools, links, and conference presentations (ended 2014).

My current favourites

  1. TED Talks Education – a video podcast feed of the education-based TED Talks.
  2. Radiolab   – this podcast encompasses science, technology, music and I think it can be summed up in one word: curiosity. Very high production values and most episodes will make you say “no way!” out loud.  A couple of their music-specific episodes include A 4-Track Mind (fascinating) and Speedy Beet
  3. Stuff You Should Know – a podcast about “how stuff works”. I was recently fascinated by their How Auto-Tune Works episode
  4. An Ed Tech Minute – quick episodes (less than 5 minutes) in which a tech tool is shared
  5. Flipped Lifestye Podcast – online business podcast hosted by two former teachers who are now making a living from selling products online and teaching others how to do the same.  I was lucky enough to meet Shane and Jocelyn earlier this year in the Philippines and we bonded over our shared education background!
  6. Superfast Business – online business podcast hosted by James Schramko
  7. Smart Passive Income – one of the first business podcasts I listened to, hosted by Pat Flynn

And a few more!

  1. Moving at the Speed of Creativity – digital literacy and multimedia creativity
  2. Tim Topham TV – a podcast for piano teachers
  3. Ask SimpleK12 – FAQ for teachers
  4. Google Educast – Google certified teachers share Google tips and news
  5. Modern Musician – how to market your music business
  6. NerdyCast – education, technology and pop culture
  7. PE Geek – PE teaching and technology podcast hosted by a fellow Aussie Jarrod Robinson
  8. Instructional Tech Talk – education technology tips
  9. Quick and Dirty Tips – Grammar Girl
  10. The Flip Side with Jon Bergmann – all about flipping the classroom
  11. One Nerdy Teacher – education technology tips

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