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Update March 2021: a reader – Miran – has commented below to let me know the source of this poem. It is Japanese born violinist and teacher Yuko Honda who studied under Shinichi Suzuki and taught for many years in Seattle.

Miran has shared the original version of the poem below which has been altered over the years:

Why I teach music

Not because I expect you to become a musician,

Not because you want to play the violin all your life,

Not so you can relax or have fun


So you will recognize beauty,

So you will be sensitive

So you will be close to an infinite beyond this world,

I want you to learn to never give up when you encounter difficulty

And I want you to know music you produce is one of a kind

Because you are a very special person

My children when you are ready,

Go out into the world and embrace your dreams!

~ Yuko Honda