Seeking guest writers for Midnight Music

Do you have a music technology-related idea, tip, resource or lesson that you’d like to share with other passionate music teachers?   

We’re looking for high quality articles written by music educators and music industry members that offer value to the readers of the Midnight Music blog.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a techno-wizard or a beginner – if you have had some success integrating technology into your music teaching, or you have a unique music technology in education idea we’d love to hear from you.  

If you would like to propose a blog post topic and outline, please read on for details and then fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  Do not send a full completed article – it may not be a fit for Midnight Music and I’d hate to see your hard work go to waste!


About the Midnight Music blog and community

The readers of the Midnight Music blog represent an enthusiastic community of music educators who want to discover ways to use technology effectively and meaningfully in their teaching. They love to learn tips and tricks, explore new apps and software and above all, hear about successful music lesson ideas that involve technology.

The focus of the blog is providing meaningful technology advice and professional learning for music teachers.

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Why write for Midnight Music?

  • Your article will be read by thousands of music educators from all over the world
  • Your article will be published in the Midnight Music newsletter (sent to more than 15,000 music teachers) and social media accounts
  • Increase your exposure and recognition – all guest posts include a short author biography, photo and links back to your site and/or social media accounts
  • Expand your online network
  • Promote the great things you and/or your school/business are doing
  • Help lots of other appreciative music teachers by sharing your music tech in education ideas

What we ARE looking for

  • Content that is useful, relevant, current, actionable and easy to follow. Our readers LOVE step-by-step lesson ideas they can use in class straight away
  • Articles that feature popular, common or easily-accessible apps, software and websites
  • Articles that are original and not already published elsewhere
  • Lesson plans, tutorials and tips are among the most popular articles on the website

What we’re NOT looking for

  • We’re not looking for articles that have already been published elsewhere
  • We’re not looking for articles on topics that have already been covered on Midnight Music (unless you have a new perspective or unique spin on the topic)  
  • We’re not looking for articles that are heavy in self-promotion.  Article proposals from businesses (software or app developers etc) will be considered but such articles must not be solely promotional in nature.  The best approach is to offer relevant, actionable tips and to let your quality content speak for you
  • Please do not submit a completed article without first proposing your article topic and outline.  It may not be a fit for Midnight Music and I’d hate to see your hard work go to waste!

How to submit an idea

  • Propose an article topic/headline and brief outline only (bullet points are fine) using the form linked below
  • You are welcome to submit more than one topic/idea (please submit each one in a separate form)
  • All topic proposals will be reviewed and we’ll let you know whether your idea has been accepted within 7-10 days
  • If accepted, we will send writing guidelines and agree on a deadline for the full completed blog post.  The publishing date will also be confirmed and may be up to 3 months from now

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