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I hope you enjoyed the session. Please find below some notes from the session, as well as links to detailed information and articles.

– Katie Wardrobe

About Midnight Music

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1. Online courses – GarageBand, iPads, Music Tech for Beginners, IWBs, Sibelius, Mixcraft, Audacity and much more

2. Face-to-Face training – in-service PD for music teachers (limited bookings available for term 4)

3. Other events – workshops and conference presentations

Top 4 Tips for working setup and connecting stuff

1. Laptops and Desk set up

– Use a full-sized keyboard and mouse when possible

– Elevate your laptop to eye height

2. Second monitor

Increase your productivity by plugging in a second monitor.  You can spread your programs/windows across both screens and see more things at a glance.

3. Plugging into data projector or IWB

How To Display Your iPad

4. Mics and MIDI keyboards

See this article (it’s about MIDI keyboards, but the same principles apply when connecting a USB microphone:

How To Set Up Your MIDI Keyboard

Top 5 Basic Skills and Some Extras

Article: What you should know about MIDI

Tutorial: How to view Youtube Videos without comments

Article: 7 Easy Ways to Survive Technology in the Music Classroom

Video tutorial: How to fold headphones

Top 7 shortcuts for all software programs

Article: 7 Ninja Tricks Every (Music) Teacher Should Know

Top 5 Tech Skills for Creating Resources

Tutorial: Learn Just 5 Tips To Create Your Own Awesome Music Resources

Free download: The Big Free Music Notation Library

Free download: Guitar Chord Diagrams

Free download: Ukelele chord diagrams

Free download: 5 Fun Free Music Fonts

Other Links

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