September 2019

MTT89: The 2 Software Applications All Music Teachers Should Know

Welcome to another episode in our Back to Basics month. Today I’ll be talking about the two software applications that I think every music teacher should know how to use. The ones I’m

5 Awesome Sites That Can Help Music Teachers Learn the Basics of Google Classroom

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Many schools are “going Google” and using the Google suite of educational tools for educators and students. Google Classroom is a great tool to use for communication and collaboration, but learning its full potential can

MTT88: Best Microphone Options for Music Teachers

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In this episode of the Music Tech Teacher Podcast, I talk about the best microphones for simple classroom recordings, mics for students to use, and mics for your own teaching purposes. Further reading

MTT87: What’s the Difference Between Audio and MIDI Files? Everything You Need to Know

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Our theme for this month on the blog and podcast is Back to Basics and today we’re kicking off back to basics month with an episode about the differences between audio and MIDI

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