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December 2017

MTT 42 – 22 Ways To Use GarageBand or Soundtrap in Music Education – part 1

  I need some ideas for using GarageBand or Soundtrap! Almost every day I see a music teacher post on Facebook asking for ideas for using GarageBand or Soundtrap with their students.  Most teachers are [...]

November 2017

STEAM Resources and Activities for the Music Classroom

STEAM learning involves the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math to solve real-world problems. It is an educational approach that encourages learning for learning’s sake. STEAM lessons incorporate a cross-disciplinary approach and [...]

MTT39 Basic Audio Editing Skills Every Music Teacher Should Learn

  Today’s episode is a mini-training. I talk about basic audio editing skills every music teacher should learn and teach you the essentials right here on the podcast.   Listen to the episode here (or [...]