Workshop notes and links

Hello everyone!

Thanks for being at the workshop. Here are some workshop notes and links for the content we covered.

  1. Presentation file: a copy of the slide show file I showed (“Technology can…”)
  2. Staff Wars download link
  3. Incredibox (the beat boxing “dudes”)
  4. Isle of Tune (the car on the road)
  5. Beatlab (drum machine)
  6. QR Stuff (the website I use to create QR codes)
  7. Aurasma (the one that makes Harry Potter pictures)
  8. Mixcraft and Soundation are the PC alternatives to GarageBand
  9. Free shortcut list for GarageBand and Mixcraft
  10. Rap My Name free music tech lesson plan
  11. My newsletter: free weekly updates with my latest lesson plans, articles and more (you receive The Ultimate Guide to Free Music Technology Resources when you sign up)
  12. Free mini iPads in Music Eduction course
  13. iPad Lesson Ideas – step-by-step
  14. Big Buck Bunny excerpt (the one I used for the film scoring project)

There are a few more links there than I had planned, but hopefully that covers just about everything!

Please take a look at my blog for more music tech in education articles and lesson plans.

All the best