Workshop notes and links

Hello everyone!

Thanks for being at the workshop. Here are the workshop notes and links for the content we covered.

There are quite a few things listed here which we didn’t get to, but I’ve left the links in case you’d like to check them out anyway.


Midnight Music Community

If you’d like more help after today’s workshop, you can join the Midnight Music Community (MMC). The MMC is a professional development community for teachers who want to learn more about using technology with their students.  There are full online courses, lesson plans, and personalised help from Katie and other teachers all available to you as soon as you sign up.

Click here for more information about the new Midnight Music Community (or click on the image below)

Music technology courses for teachers


Resources shown during the session

Technology can…reinforce something

  1. Staff Wars download link
  2. Staff Wars Live (iPad app)
  3. Printable Staff Wars game cards
  4. Chrome Music Lab – Rhythm and free lesson plan: Explore Rhythm and Meter with the Chrome Music Lab
  5. Steve Reich’s Clapping Music

Technology can…enhance another activity

Technology can…introduce a concept

Technology can…capture creativity


Technology can…be used for music literacy

Technology can…present information to students and display student work

  • QR Stuff (the website I use to create QR codes)
  • Aurasma (the one that makes Harry Potter pictures)

Technology can…be used for formative assessment

Technology can…create awesome digital resources

Learn just 5 tips to create your own awesome music resources

Places to find free images

Other freebies!

1. Free iPad mini course
iPads + Music Education Getting Started

2. Free ebook: music tech resources
Ultimate Free Music Tech Resources Guide