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Chrome Music Lab Lesson: C Major Musical Phrases on Shared Piano

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This is a guest lesson by Katrina Proctor, Content Manager at Midnight Music.  Learning basic piano is one of the most important foundational skills for any beginning music student. Understanding basic chords, scales, harmony/melody, and even just simple hand-eye coordination are all things that we want our students to grasp and have practice with. But

Musical Me – An Easy Back-To-School Tech Lesson

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Getting to know your students Discover their “musical me” Whether you’re starting a new school year, or would just like to get to know your students better, this Musical Me lesson is an effective and easy option with lots of flexibility. In this lesson, students will tell you more about their musical background, interests, likes,

Free Lesson Plan: GarageBand for iPad – What’s in a Name?

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Free Name-Based GarageBand for iPad Lesson Plan (It’s Easy!) About The Lesson This lesson is a free sample from my new online course and collection of lesson plans designed especially for the iPad version of GarageBand. It’s a quick project which works well as a “getting to know you” activity at the beginning of the

5 Lesson Plan Ideas for GarageBand for iPad (video training)

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Lesson Plan Ideas for Music Teachers Using GarageBand on iPad In this live training session, I shared some of the lesson ideas from my NEW course and lesson plan collection for GarageBand on iPad: The Music Teacher's Guide To Using GarageBand on iPad . Visit this page if you would like to sign up for

Case study: Video Game Compositions with Grade 8

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Video Game Battle Music Composition This article has been written by a guest author.  If you’re an educator or music industry professional who is interested in contributing an article to the Midnight Music blog, you can apply here. Today’s guest post is by Mrs Janice Cook who - for the past 12 months - has

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