MTT04: 19 Ways To Use A Single iPad in the Music Classroom

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In this episode: What if you don't have access to multiple iPads in the music classroom? What can you do with just a single iPad? As it turns out - quite a lot! I'll discuss some of the ways you can use your own iPad with your students, from identifying notes of the staff, to [...]

Lesson Plan: Composer of the Month Collages

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Composer Of The Month Pic Collages This article has been written by a guest poster.  If you’re interested in contributing an article, you can apply here. Welcome to the first blog post written by a guest author! The author is Justin Kamp - a K-3 and 6th grade General Music teacher in Milton, Wisconsin.  Justin [...]

Halloween Activity: Live Film Scoring With Elementary Students

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Group composition: film scoring Recently one of the members of the Midnight Music Community (MMC) - teacher Brigitte Louise Lessard from Québec, Canada - shared a halloween music technology lesson she has had much success with in her elementary classes.  It’s a film scoring activity, but rather than have the students compose a score and [...]

How To Import Audio Files Into GarageBand for iPad

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Importing audio files in GarageBand: why do that? Let's say you or your students have created an audio file in another app or software program - maybe on a laptop even - and now you want to import that audio file into GarageBand because you'd like to use the Smart Drums to add a backing. [...]

How to programme your own drum patterns – a beginner’s guide for students (part 1)

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Encourage students creativity: record drum patterns from scratch When using music software to put a song together, it’s easy for students to head straight to the loop library to find a drum pattern.  It’s a quick solution, but once you become familiar with the loop library of your school’s chosen software package, you start to [...]

4 Engaging ways to tech-i-fy assessment in music education

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Fun formative assessment? All music teachers need to gauge student learning at some time or another.  You may test at the beginning of a school year to determine the level of knowledge of a new group of students, or halfway through a class to find out whether students are on track with the lesson.  At [...]

Best Music Software for Chromebooks & BYOD Schools

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Help! Which software can I use with mixed devices or Chromebooks? In the past few years, a large number of schools worldwide have decided to adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach to technology for students meaning that students can choose to use a Mac laptop, a Windows laptop, an iPad or an Android [...]

Explore rhythm and meter with the Chrome Music Lab [Free Lesson Plan]

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Lesson: Compose and play rhythms in different meters with Chrome Music Lab In March, Google launched the free Chrome Music Lab Experiments site to celebrate Music In Our Schools month and to allow users to explore the way in which music works.  Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music wrote about the browser-based music tools in [...]

Which iPad model should I buy for my music classes?

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iPads for music teachers and their students “Which iPad model should I purchase?” This is a question I'm asked quite frequently, so here are my thoughts. The most recent model when possible My advice is to purchase the most recent iPad possible with the largest capacity you can afford. I would recommend 64GB as a [...]

10 Music Tech Ideas for the Middle School

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  Question: What type of music technology activities can I do with my middle school students? This question has been popping up a bit lately on Facebook and in my emails.  Here are a few engaging, fun and creative music tech projects that are perfect for middle school students in years 5-9. 1. Funny Voices Students [...]