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MTT06: 15 ways to use a single computer in the music classroom

By | 2017-05-01T11:31:47+00:00 February 14th, 2017|Chromebooks and BYOD, Podcast|

15 ways to use a single computer in the music classroom In episode 4 I talked about 19 different ways you can use just one iPad in music education, and I wanted to follow that up today with some ideas for using a single computer with your students.  I know that some of you don’t [...]

Explore rhythm and meter with the Chrome Music Lab [Free Lesson Plan]

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:32+00:00 April 19th, 2016|Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips|

Lesson: Compose and play rhythms in different meters with Chrome Music Lab In March, Google launched the free Chrome Music Lab Experiments site to celebrate Music In Our Schools month and to allow users to explore the way in which music works.  Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music wrote about the browser-based music tools in [...]

Ultimate Guide To Free Music Tech Resources 2016

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:32+00:00 March 3rd, 2016|Music Tech Tips, Music Technology Resources|

2016 edition now available Every year since 2012 I’ve put together a list of free music technology resources especially for teachers and I’ve just finished updating the 2016 guide. There are lots of “old favourites” in this year’s guide, like Staff Wars, Incredibox, and my usual favourite places to find images, videos and other resources. [...]

31+ Fantastic Free Peter and the Wolf Resources

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:32+00:00 February 1st, 2016|Music Tech Tips, Music Technology Resources|

NOTE: This post was originally published in August 2011 and I decided it was well overdue for an update.  The original post had 21 useful links and resources, but this updated version has grown a little - to a total of 31 resources.  Some of the links in the original article had also become obsolete so they have been [...]

Rap My Name [Free Music Tech Lesson Plan]

By | 2017-08-09T21:20:29+00:00 August 20th, 2015|Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips|

Free Music Technology Lesson Plans This is the first of a new ongoing series of more "formal" lesson plans that suggest simple ways to incorporate technology into music lessons.  I'm aiming to map each lesson to the US and Australian national standards for music education (UK coming soon too!). I'd love to know what you think [...]

The Ultimate Free Music Tech Resources Guide 2015

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:35+00:00 February 9th, 2015|Check, Music Tech Tips|

Free Music Technology Education Resources - Updated for 2015 Each year I revise my Ultimate Free Music Technology Resources Guide and yesterday I finished this year's version. Many of the resources in the guide are unchanged, but some have undergone updates and a couple have even disappeared altogether (bye bye iNudge :( ). This is [...]

Using Incredibox To Introduce Remixing

By | 2017-08-11T11:50:52+00:00 September 10th, 2014|Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips|

Please note: this post was originally published in August 2012. I'm not sure how or why, but the original post disappeared completely (!). Thanks to the magic of the Wayback Machine I was able to grab a copy of the text and re-do the whole thing. I took the opportunity to revise it a little [...]

5 Free Fun Music Fonts For Your Worksheets and Resources

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:35+00:00 August 26th, 2014|Music Tech Tips, Music Technology Resources|

Add some character to your resources! Music dingbat fonts (picture fonts) are an easy way to add some character to your music education resources: worksheets, posters, interactive whiteboard files and anything else you might be creating. Here are a few of my favourites. Links to each font are beneath the image. You can download them [...]

30+ Fun Ways To Teach The Notes of The Staff Using Technology

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:35+00:00 August 20th, 2014|Music Tech Tips, Music Technology Resources|

What's your favourite way to teach the notes of the staff? I'm a member of a number of "music teacher groups" - email discussion lists and Facebook groups which are a great way to connect with others and get answers to questions that are music-ed related. "What are your favourite ways to teach the notes [...]

Free Ukulele Chord Image Library

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:36+00:00 May 28th, 2014|Music Tech Tips, Music Technology Resources|

More free music teacher resources This collection of ukulele chord diagrams is the third set of free images I've shared. Last year I created the Big Notation Library and the Free Guitar Chord Image Library for music teachers to use when creating their own resources from scratch and both proved very popular. I've been meaning [...]