MTT96: Creating Sound Stories with Special Needs Students feat. Alex Rees from Visible Music

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Our current theme on the blog and podcast is accessibility and today I have a guest on - a music educator named Alex Rees from the UK - to talk about what he has been doing with special needs students.  Alex is a freelance music and sound technologist, a music producer and education

How to Use Keezy Classic: Accessible Music Making App

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This is a guest post by one of our blog writers, Sarah Joncas. Sometimes, the motor skills required to play a specific instrument aren’t attainable for a student. Whether it’s a temporary injury or a permanent disability, students can be disappointed if they have to play a different instrument than their classmates. With Keezy Classic,

MTT95: Music Tech Apps for Special Needs Students

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The next few podcast episodes and blog posts on Midnight Music fall into our Accessibility theme. In addition to sharing apps, software and other tech gear, I’ll be talking to a couple of music educators about their experiences working with special needs students and students with learning difficulties. I know many of you

5 iPad Apps for Music-Making in the Special Needs Classroom

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This is a guest post by one of our blog writers, Sarah Joncas. iPads are an amazing tool for making music. They are especially helpful for making music accessible to students with special needs. Apps can help facilitate inclusive music making by allowing students to create music with the touch of a finger, eliminating barriers