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5 FREE Super Simple Music Tech Lessons for Your Students

Here are the links to the 5 free ready-made, engaging, fun music tech lessons, released over 5 days starting 30 March 2020.

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About these music tech lessons

Hey! I'm Katie Wardrobe - a digital learning coach for music teachers based in Australia.

I know many of you have suddenly found yourselves thrown into the deep end of teaching online and you're scrambling to get resources ready for your students.

A while ago I put together some lesson videos, teacher tips and downloadable for some hand-picked FREE music websites.  Up until now, these have only been available inside my online professional development community (the Midnight Music Community) but I've decided to offer a selection of these at no cost to anyone that might find them useful at this time.

There are 5 lessons and each one has: 

  • a special walk-through video for the teacher which explains the ins and outs of the website 
  • a step-by-step demonstration of the lesson and how it can work with your students
  • a downloadable lesson plan
  • other teacher tips and student resources

The lessons feature the following websites:

  • Incredibox [available 30 March 2020]
  • Beepbox [available 31 March 2020]
  • Isle of Tune [available 1 April 2020]
  • Youtube [available 2 April 2020]
  • Groove Pizza [available 3 April 2020]

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