Youtube: Better Than the Original

About this Lesson

Cover versions of songs have grown in popularity over recent years – largely thanks to Youtube. There are lots of excellent, innovative cover versions of songs from artists all around the world and some are truly inventive.

This lesson asks students to compare and contrast two versions of the same song – the original, plus a cover version.

They will consider tempo, mood/feel, style, instrumentation and other musical elements.

This lesson is adaptable – there are a set of questions for students to answer (individually or as a group) and you can use any cover song and original you like.

I’ve given a few examples of interesting cover versions below (and in the downloadable lesson plan).

This could work as a quick mini-lesson, or fill an entire regular lesson. It can also work as a standalone activity or fit into a broader unit of work on arranging and composing.

Which age students?

This is an adaptable lesson which suits students in years 5-8.

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Song Examples

Here are a few example cover songs you can use to get started. The videos you see below have been saved into a Wakelet collection (Wakelet is a free app that allows you to curate and share links to useful resources – it’s brilliant!).  If you would like to view the collection directly on Wakelet itself, click here.


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