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Incredibox is a free interactive website that features some beatboxing and singing “dudes”. You can build an ensemble, mute and solo guys and record your performance, and lots more! In the video below, I walk through some tips and tricks for using Incredibox.

Note 1: this lesson and the others in this series were not originally designed for the remote teaching situation that many of you find yourselves in at the moment.  You may need to adapt things a little to suit your students and the resources they have access to.

Note 2: please see the update video below this one for information about a few changes to Incredibox since I made the original videos



There have been a few minor updates to Incredibox since I made the teacher and lesson videos.  I run through the main changes in this video:


Lesson – Singer or Beatboxer?

About this Lesson

Students will learn about a cappella singing and beatboxing as art forms. Using Incredibox, they will identify the difference between melodic (pitched) and percussive (unpitched) sounds.

Which age students?

This is an adaptable lesson which suits students in years 4-8.


Free Website Used in this Lesson


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