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Groove Pizza is an online drum sequencer with a circular interface. It’s easy to use and even encourages you to make connections between maths and music.

In the video below, I walk through some tips and tricks for using Groove Pizza.


Lesson – Boom Snap Clap

About this Lesson

Students will learn the Boom Snap Clap rhythmic game and then record the pattern in Groove Pizza.

Which age students?

This is an adaptable lesson which suits students in years 2-8.

Please note: small adaptation due to COVID19

This video was made well before COVID19 and our current need to practice social distancing.  You will see my son and I perform the Boom Snap Clap game and in parts of it we touch one another.  You might need to advise students that if they are going to do the two-person version, they should only perform it with a family member and they should wash their hands afterwards.  If that is not suitable, please advise them to perform the solo version only.


Free Website Used in this Lesson

Other Resources

Boom Snap Clap (and variations) performed by two teens

Another Boom Snap Clap teaching video – good for younger students


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