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Lesson Ideas for Soundtrap and Bandlab

Soundtrap and Bandlab are similar programs that are incredibly useful in music education, no matter whether you're conducting an ensemble teaching general music or running a music production/technology course.  In this webinar, discover a range of lessons and projects that will enhance your students' ensemble playing, develop composition skills, improve musicianship or capture performances

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About this free webinar

Katie Wardrobe, presenter

Hey! I'm Katie Wardrobe - an Australian education technology coach for music teachers.

Each month I run a free music tech webinar for teachers all around the world.

Wondering how you can use Soundtrap or Bandlab with your students? Or perhaps you’ve been using one of them for a while and you’d simply like some new ideas.  In this webinar I’ll walk through some of my favourite lesson ideas and projects and the general principles involved in recreating them in these popular digital audio workstations.

Please note: the focus of this webinar will be on the lesson ideas but we won’t have time to run through the basics of using Soundtrap or Bandlab.  If you are completely new to these programs, you might like to come along anyway to see what’s possible.  

If you’re a member of the Midnight Music Community there will be extra resources made available: step-by-step instructions, downloadable PDFs and one-on-one help in our community forum if you need it

In this webinar, we'll look at:

  • creating your own backing track
  • fun ways to play scales, warm-ups and improvise
  • how to multitrack yourself!
  • collaborative ensemble recordings
  • podcasts and storytelling 
  • remixing
  • video game music
  • found sound compositions
  • and more!

We will also have an open Q&A session at the end where you can ask questions about anything music-tech related.

PLEASE NOTE: this webinar will be recorded. If you can’t attend the live session, sign up anyway using the registration link and we will send you access to the replay 24 hours after the session takes place.

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