Sibelius Basics Online Course

Get started with Sibelius the RIGHT way

About this Course

Learn how to use Sibelius quickly and effectively, the right way. This course assumes no prior knowledge, so it’s perfect for new Sibelius users or for those that have some holes in their knowledge.

You’ll learn how to set up a score, input notes in multiple ways, how to select music quickly, best ways to copy and paste, score-sharing techniques and lots of other time-saving tips.



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Course Format

This course is available when you join the Midnight Music Community.  Membership to the Midnight Music Community gives you access to this course, and 11 other online courses, plus lesson plans, help and advice.

Course Outline

The Sibelius Basics Online course will cover a range of skills, including the following:

  • Setting up a score
  • Screen tour
  • Navigating around your score
  • Note entry basics
  • Selecting music with ease
  • Quick copy and paste
  • Overwriting pitches whilst maintaining rhythm
  • Score playback
  • Participant Q&A
  • Note input with a MIDI keyboard
  • Vocal parts
  • Entering lyrics
  • Copying and pasting lyrics
  • Inputting chords
  • Adding chord symbols
  • Dynamics and articulations
  • Repeats
  • More playback tips
  • Participant Q&A
  • Automating boring tasks: there’s a plugin for (almost) everything!
  • Instant accompaniments
  • Arranging automagically
  • Layout and formatting basics
  • Parts
  • Participant Q&A
  • Copying a musical example into Word or Powerpoint
  • Tips for creating your own custom worksheets and papers
  • Discovering the Worksheet Creator
  • Course wrap-up
  • Requests
  • Participant Q&A

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What’s Included

  • 5+ hours of video
  • Extensive step-by-step session notes
  • Links to extra resources
  • Professional development certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

New users of Sibelius and not-so-new users who have a few holes in their knowledge. It’s perfect if you’ve been using Sibelius for a little while and you feel you might be doing things the slow way! This course suits music teachers and their students, arrangers, composers and songwriters.

Is this course for beginners?

No prior experience is required.

What do I need?

A PC or Mac computer, internet access and a copy of Sibelius.

Which version of Sibelius is the course based on?

This course is based mostly on Sibelius 7, but explanations are also given for previous versions of Sibelius (which looks substantially different to version 7).

How do I access the course materials?

Once payment has been made, you will receive a login name and password to the online course materials area. All course videos and session notes are accessed online, via your internet connection.

How long do I have access to the course?

Access to this course is ongoing for as long as you have an active membership subscription to the Midnight Music Community.