iPad Bootcamp for Music Teachers

Creativity with iPads in the music classroom

About this Course

iPads are a fantastic tool in the music classroom. They are highly portable, multi-functional and there are a wealth of inexpensive creative apps available. This online course will show you a range of easy, adaptable projects for students of all ages. There will be ideas for the one-iPad classroom as well as for 1:1 iPad programs and everything in between.

During this course we’ll focus on the learning outcomes that students can achieve with iPads in the music classroom. We’ll look at ways the iPad can be integrated into your current music activities and projects that allow you to compose, arrange, record, perform, notate, reinforce concepts and report/present learning.



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Course Format

This course is available when you join the Midnight Music Community.  Membership to the Midnight Music Community gives you access to this course, and 11 other online courses, plus lesson plans, help and advice.

Course Outline

The iPads in Music Education Online Course will cover a range of skills, including the following:

What can you do with an iPad in your music classroom? An overview of the ways you can incorporate mobile devices into almost any of your current activities in the classroom.

Creative projects using GarageBand for iPad: arranging, composing, podcasting and storytelling



  • Tips and tricks for playing GarageBand instruments
  • Customising chords and scales
  • Step-by-step multitrack recording
  • Choosing song settings
  • Changing song length
  • Quantisation
  • Overdubbing of drum parts (and other parts)
  • Editing regions: copy, paste, cut, split, join
  • Editing notes within a region: pitch, rhythm, velocity, articulation
  • Playback tips
  • Using Apple loops
  • Importing audio
  • Jamming with other iPads
  • Simple composition tasks using the sampler
  • Creating podcasts to present research projects
  • Digital storytelling with recorded narrative, mood music and sound effects
  • Saving and sharing projects


Exploring Sound, Composition and Performance with MadPad

  • Recording samples
  • Playing your sound set
  • Importing other sound sets
  • Ostinatos with the looping feature
  • Recording a performance – two modes
  • Saving and sharing your recordings
  • Create and trigger sound effects
  • The 12-sound challenge
  • Song analysis project
  • Sol-fa scale and pentatonic compositions
  • Performing the 12 bar blues and 4-chord songs

Composing Program Music and Digital Storytelling
Discover ways students can compose their own program music, or record stories that include images, narration, music and sound effects in groups or individually:

– group project: groups of 3-5 students can create an “enhanced” story and/or compose their own program music using one or more iPads

– solo project: a student working individually can put together their own program music and/or storytelling project using a single iPad

Live Looping with Everyday Looper


  • Reinforce ostinato
  • Create a backing track over which students can play/improvise
  • Layer sounds and patterns
  • Perform in your own one man band


Interactive Learning and Multimedia Displays with QR codes & augmented reality

Use QR (Quick Response) and the Aurasma augmented reality app to combine audio recordings and videos with physical items like worksheets and posters:

  • Create a “singing wall”
  • Reinvent student assignments
  • Create interactive displays around your school
  • Teach music history and styles through an interactive treasure hunt or quest
  • Make your own “Harry Potter”-style pictures that come to life and perform for you
Notation On The iPad

We’ll discuss the notation app options for iPad users and how they can be used with students. Apps discussed will include:

  • Noteflight
  • Notion
  • NotateMe and NotateMe Now
  • Playback

Screencasting and the Flipped Classroom
Use a “whiteboard” app such as Explain Everything to:

  • Draw and record your voice at the same time
  • Create video and audio recordings of whiteboard tutorials
  • Sing or play and create a graphic notation score
  • Present new concepts or for your very own flipped classroom

Orchestral Music
Discover a range of apps that help students learn about instruments of the orchestra and a variety of music styles through videos, interactive books and scores.

*Midnight Music reserves the right to alter course content when necessary.

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What’s Included

  • 5+ hours of video
  • Extensive step-by-step session notes
  • Links to extra resources
  • Professional development certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Music teachers who would like to know more about the ways that iPads can be integrated into the music curriculum. iPad projects are adaptable and can be used for both elementary and secondary students.

Is this course for beginners?

No prior iPad experience is required.

What do I need?

An iPad generation 2 or later.

How long do I have access to the course?

Access to this course is ongoing for as long as you have an active membership subscription to the Midnight Music Community.