Interactive Whiteboards In Music Online Course

About this Course

This course will explore ways in which you can take advantage of your IWB to enhance your delivery of music content to students by integrating audio, notation, and video.

Learn how to adapt and rethink your current activities without having to re-write your curriculum. Discover why it’s not about finding a one-size-fits-all software program and why IWBs are not just for showing Youtube videos (!).



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Course Format

This course is available when you join the Midnight Music Community.  Membership to the Midnight Music Community gives you access to this course, and 11 other online courses, plus lesson plans, help and advice.

Course Outline

The Interactive Whiteboards in the Music Classroom course will cover a range of skills, including the following:

Different ways you can use your IWB:

  • How to incorporate your IWB into your teaching
  • Replacing your regular whiteboard tasks with an IWB
  • IWB quote 1
  • Types of software programs that work well on the board
  • Finding specially designed software

Free IWB Software Resources and How To Use Them:

  • The Music Interactive: note reading, rhythmic dictation, ear-training, boomwhackers
  • Triptico: easy adaptable text-based activities and games
  • Smartboard Music: animated ear-training games

Tips for using software you already own:

  • Sibelius
  • GarageBand/Acid/Mixcraft
  • Auralia and Musition
  • And more
Learn about the possibilities for your IWB software:

  • What can the software do and why should you use it?
  • It’s Powerpoint on steroids
  • Draw with pens
  • Convert handwriting into typed words and shapes
  • Draw shapes and lines
  • Incorporate images, links and audio
  • Creating a lasting unit of work that you can use over and over again:

Using Peter and the Wolf as an example, we’ll create a multimedia file that incorporates the following:

  • Importing an image
  • Changing background colour
  • Including text information about the composer and work
  • Linking to a website with further information
  • Incorporating notation
  • Attaching audio files so you never have to search for a CD again

The skills learnt can be adapted for any unit of work you might be doing with your students: 12 Bar Blues, Instruments of the Orchestra, Carnival of the Animals and more.

Creating everyday resources that will replace your regular whiteboard use:

  • Music literacy activities
  • Rhythmic and melodic dictation
  • Custom-made stave lines
  • Using images as noteheads and creating an infinite supply
  • Stick notation activities
  • Exciting ways to present word definitions
  • Making soundscapes
  • Presenting score analysis and annotation
  • Creating and using class ensemble resources
  • Teaching song lyrics in new ways
  • Places to find ready-made IWB resource files
Interactive websites that work well on IWBs:

  • NY Phil Kidzone music games
  • Dallas Symphony Orchestra music games
  • Tone Matrix
  • Incredibox
  • Virtual instruments (keyboard, gamelan, drums)

Overview of software designed for IWB:

  • O-Generator
  • Jellybeans 3
  • Bushfire Press
  • Fun Music Company

*Midnight Music reserves the right to alter course content when necessary.

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What’s Included

  • 5+ hours of video
  • Extensive step-by-step session notes
  • Links to extra resources
  • Professional development certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Music teachers who would like to go beyond using the IWB as an expensive data projector! Elementary and secondary music teachers who would like to create their own adaptable and reusable resources.

Is this course for beginners?

No prior experience is required.

What type of IWB do I need for this course?

This course is designed for teachers with any type of interactive whiteboard. The software shown works on all types of boards. In the resource-creation sessions, I use the Notebook software (Smartboard), but the same techniques can be applied to other brands. The session notes provided are generic in nature so that they can be used with any brand of IWB software.

What do I need?

Your laptop or desktop computer, your interactive whiteboard software (ie. Notebook software on Smartboard, Activinspire software on Promethean, Easiteach) and internet access for the course materials.

How long do I have access to the course?

Access to this course is ongoing for as long as you have an active membership subscription to the Midnight Music Community.
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