iPads in the Music Classroom

Hi everyone!

Please find below the information, downloads and links I mentioned during the session.

All the best – Katie

Apps we looked at

MadPad (mentioned but not shown)

Others we didn’t get to

NotateMe Now (handwritten notation)
Sound Uncovered – explore sound interactive book (free)
Kahoot quizzes (create formative assessment quizzes – works on all devices)

Session Notes

1. Download DIY Soundtracks

2. Download Engaging Sound Stories

3. See this blog post for instructions on how to create spooky music using GarageBand

4. Download notes: Engaging iPad Projects

5. Download GarageBand for iPad 10+ Lesson Ideas (this includes the “Choose Your Own Adventure Remix” instructions)

6. Explain Everything – notes, examples and Explain Everything templates on Cherie Herring’s site

Free iPad Mini Course

I’ve put together a free iPad Mini Course which is delivered straight to your email inbox.  If you’d like to sign up for that, head over here.

Some iPad articles I’ve written (and one I didn’t write)

Explore Rhythm and Meter with Chrome Music Lab