Welcome to the Music Tech Teacher Podcast!

Practical, actionable music technology tips and lesson ideas for music teachers – all in a podcast 🙂 

The Music Tech Teacher podcast is a show especially for music teachers who’d like practical tips for using technology in music education.

Hosted by Katie Wardrobe from Midnight Music, each episode features tips, and lesson plans, ideas and tutorials from the show’s host – an experienced music technology in education trainer, speaker and consultant. There are also regular interviews with real teachers who use technology in creative and productive ways.


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Released Episode
02  Apr  2019 MTT76: Quick Free Screen Recordings with Loom Download
26  Mar  2019 MTT75: How to Record Your iPad Screen Download
18  Mar  2019 MTT74: Ninja Shortcuts for Youtube Download
12  Nov  2018 MTT73: Create Music on Any Device for Free with Bandlab Download
06  Nov  2018 MTT72: Arrange and Sell Sheet Music Legally with Noteflight Marketplace Download
29  Oct  2018 MTT71: Supercharge Your Practice Sessions with Modacity Download
22  Oct  2018 MTT70: Book Reviews and Collaborative Composing with Katie Miller Download
17  Oct  2018 MTT69: How to Make Lyric Videos Using Powerpoint or Keynote Download
24  Sep  2018 MTT68: How to Write an Online Course with Shawna Longo Download
17  Sep  2018 MTT67: Create your own teaching resources with Christopher Russell part 2 Download
11  Sep  2018 MTT66: Create your own teaching resources with Christopher Russell part 1 Download
03  Sep  2018 MTT65: The Innovative Music Tech Teaching Space with Brad Fuller part 2 Download
30  Aug  2018 MTT64: The Innovative Music Tech Teaching Space with Brad Fuller part 1 Download
12  Aug  2018 MTT63: Publishing Your Own Music Education Resources with Deborah Smith Download
05  Aug  2018 MTT62: Dorico Notation Software with Daniel Spreadbury Download
22  Jul  2018 MTT61: Remix Projects for Year 7-10 Students with David Bennett Download
15  Jul  2018 MTT60: The songwriting apps used by Charlie Puth, Sarah Aarons and Steve Lacy Download
09  Jul  2018 MTT59: Tech Issues Happen To The Best Of Us Download
18  Jun  2018 MTT58: How to Make Multitrack Videos Download
29  May  2018 MTT57: A Music Tech Life with James Frankel Download
25  May  2018 MTT56: STEAM Lessons for Music Teachers with Shawna Longo Download
15  May  2018 MTT55: Getting it ALL done with Elisa Janson Jones Download
07  May  2018 MTT54: My top 5 productivity tips for busy teachers Download
01  May  2018 MTT53: Using Chromebooks in Ensemble Rehearsals with Shawna Longo Download
23  Apr  2018 MTT52 Adopting New Technology with Jenny Chapman Download
15  Apr  2018 MTT51 Synths, Scratch and Virtual Choirs with Zach Gates Download
08  Apr  2018 MTT50: 10 tech things that are working for me right now Download
04  Apr  2018 MTT49 Vinyl, Music and Art with Martin Emo Download
15  Mar  2018 MTT48 Using Music Technology Centers with Carole Corman Download
23  Feb  2018 MTT47 How to create a visual display that includes audio & video files (part 2) Download
31  Jan  2018 MTT46 How to create a visual display that includes audio & video files (part 1) Download
23  Jan  2018 MTT45 How to organise your tech gear so you don’t go nuts Download
16  Jan  2018 MTT44 The 5 Essential Skills To Learn To Create Multimedia Worksheets & Presentations Download
07  Jan  2018 MTT43 – 22 Ways To Use GarageBand or Soundtrap in Music Education – part 2 Download
14  Dec  2017 MTT 42 – 22 Ways To Use GarageBand or Soundtrap in Music Education – part 1 Download
30  Nov  2017 MTT41 Improving Musicality with Christopher Sutton Download
16  Nov  2017 MTT40 The Tech-Savvy Band Director with David Biel Download
10  Nov  2017 MTT39 Basic Audio Editing Skills Every Music Teacher Should Learn Download
31  Oct  2017 MTT38 Music Tech Advice From Teachers Around The World Download
26  Oct  2017 MTT37 Lesson Ideas For Incredibox – Beatboxing, Ostinati, Form and Listening Download
19  Oct  2017 MTT36: Using Technology To Unlock Musical Creativity with Dr. Scott Watson Download
10  Oct  2017 MTT35: Multiply The Teacher By Utilising Video with Gary Heimbauer Download
04  Oct  2017 MTT34: Best 10 iPad apps for your music class students Download
27  Sep  2017 MTT33 Interactive music posters, word walls and brainstorming with Padlet Download
20  Sep  2017 MTT32: How to Start Your Own Music Education Blog or Website Download
13  Sep  2017 MTT31: How to Find and Create Images for Your Worksheets and TpT Resources Download
04  Sep  2017 MTT30: How To Make Your Own Video Tutorials Download
23  Aug  2017 MTT29: Soundtrap: The Online Studio with Vanja Steinholz Download
09  Aug  2017 MTT 28: Teaching Music In An Exclusively Digital School with Matt Ferrante Download
03  Aug  2017 MTT27: Best Free Music Tech Resources 2017 Download
27  Jul  2017 MTT26: Student-Centered Learning in Choir using Chromebooks and iPads with Karla McClain Download
19  Jul  2017 MTT25 – Helping teens find identity through musical creativity with Richard McCready Download
11  Jul  2017 MTT24: Composing Movie Soundtracks – Your Questions Answered Download
05  Jul  2017 MTT23: Coding in the Music Classroom with Josh Emmanuel Download
26  Jun  2017 MTT22: Project Based Learning and Using Video In Teaching with George Hess Download
22  Jun  2017 MTT21: Speed up student learning and assessment with Smartmusic Download
14  Jun  2017 MTT20: Using Technology for Creative Collaboration with Meredith Allen Download
14  Jun  2017 MTT20: Using Technology for Creative Collaboration with Meredith Allen Download
07  Jun  2017 MTT19: Teaching Music Through Composition with Barbara Freedman Download
23  May  2017 MTT18: Collaboration, Assessment and Digital Portfolios in Elementary Music – with Amy Burns Download
16  May  2017 MTT17: 7 Easy Ways To Survive Technology In Your Music Classroom Download
10  May  2017 MTT16: Creative composition projects using music technology Download
02  May  2017 MTT15: Tips from a tech-savvy piano teacher with Tim Topham Download
20  Apr  2017 MTT14: How technology has revolutionised the way I arrange music Download
11  Apr  2017 MTT13: Best notation apps and software for music educators Download
05  Apr  2017 MTT12: Where To Find Free Sheet Music Download
29  Mar  2017 MTT11: From Technophobe to Tech “Expert” Download
23  Mar  2017 MTT10: Free NASA sounds and how to use them in music education Download
16  Mar  2017 MTT09: Recording school kids – why, how, where and what to use Download
08  Mar  2017 MTT08: Productivity Tips For Music Teachers Part B Download
28  Feb  2017 MTT07: Productivity Tips For Music Teachers Part A Download
14  Feb  2017 MTT06: 15 ways to use a single computer in the music classroom Download
06  Feb  2017 MTT05: How to scan sheet music Download
30  Jan  2017 MTT04: 19 Ways To Use A Single iPad in the Music Classroom Download
20  Jan  2017 MTT03: 4 Fun formative assessment tools for music educators Download
20  Jan  2017 MTT02: How I arranged a song using only my iPhone Download
19  Jan  2017 MTT01: Learning on-the-go – why I love podcasts Download
11  Jan  2017 MTT00: Introducing the Music Tech Teacher Podcast Download