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Music Tech Lessons That Work On Any Device

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Video Game Composing

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Live Looping on the iPad

More info about the Loopy HD app

The session notes are in the form of a project you can do with students in Loopy and it includes step-by-step instructions for working the app.
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Formative Assessment

Links to resources below.  Don’t forget to search for existing quizzes where possible, before creating something from scratch.  Save or “favourite” the quiz so you can find it easily in the future.  In many cases you can also copy/duplicate the quiz and then edit it if it doesn’t quite suit your needs.

Assessment resources we looked at:


Places to find free images for your worksheets

Super-Simple Music Tech Lesson Plans Using Free Websites

Coming soon to the Midnight Music Community: lesson plans for free websites such as Incredibox, Groove Pizza, Beepbox, Isle of Tune and more! Click here to find out more


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