What’s inside the Midnight Music Community (MMC)?

The Midnight Music Community includes a growing library of short and long music tech courses, lesson plans and other resources designed especially for music teachers.

We are in the process of putting together descriptions for all of the training courses listed below.  In the meantime, the list will give you an idea of what you can find inside the MMC.

Current MMC Training Courses:

10+ Lessons for Garage Band on iPad

Ableton Live and Push Training

Acid Music Studio

Audacity – Simple Recording and Audio Editing for Teachers

Chromebooks, The Cloud and Concerts, Oh My!

Composition: Boom Snap Clap

Composition: Film Scoring & Movie Soundtracks

Composition: Found Sounds

Composition: The Dubstep Blues

Cross-Curricular Teaching with Music Technology

DIY Soundtracks for Multimedia Projects

Engaging Sound Stories for All Subjects

Flipping the Music Classroom

Garageband for Mac Creative Projects – Intro Course

How to Scan Sheet Music

Interactive Whiteboards

Introduction to Found Sounds and Sampling

iPad Apps for the Elementary Classroom

iPad Bootcamp Course

iPad Projects for the Music Classroom

Level Up! Keynote

Live Looping on iPad

Make Your Own Follow the Bouncing Ball Lyric Videos


Music Tech for Beginners

Music Tech Lessons: Chromebooks & Mixed Devices

Pro Tools

Sibelius Advanced

Sibelius Beginners

Sibelius Projects for Students

Simple Ways to Use Tech in Your Teaching Studio



Speedy Arranging with Sibelius

STEAM-ing Up Your Classroom

Super-Simple Lessons Using Free Websites: Beepbox

Super-Simple Lessons Using Free Websites: Groove Pizza

Super-Simple Lessons Using Free Websites: Hook Theory

Super-Simple Lessons Using Free Websites: Incredibox

Super-Simple Lessons Using Free Websites: Isle of Tune

Super-Simple Lessons Using Free Websites: YouTube

Transform Your Productivity


Coming Soon:

Composition: Rap My Name

Composition: Video Game Music