Midnight Music Community Multiple Teacher Registration

Multiple teacher registration is offered to teachers who would like to register 3 or more teachers for the Midnight Music Community.


  • Multiple teacher registration is open to a single school who wishes to register 3 or more teachers
  • Each registered teacher will receive their own unique username and password
  • This offer is only available for annual subscriptions
  • Schools must provide a purchase order number when placing the order
  • The invoice is payable within 7 days of receipt
  • One teacher will act as the main contact person for the order and the details of the school business/billing contact person must also be provided


For each teacher that registers via the Multiple Teacher Registration form, a 12-month subscription will be offered for the price of 9 months – the special offer rate is USD $351 per person (instead of USD $390 per person).

How to register multiple teachers

Please click here to register multiple teachers from your school, or use the Contact Form on this page if you have any questions.