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An online community where music tech professional development, lesson ideas, and accountability come together.

do any of these sound familiar?

  • "I've always been hopeless with technology - everything always goes wrong!"
  • "I can't keep up... technology changes too quickly"
  • "The kids know more than I do!"
  • "I'm coming back to teaching after a break and everything has changed."

Trust me, you're not alone!

Almost EVERY teacher has felt frustrated with technology at one time or another whether it's new software or iPads, Chromebooks and laptops.

you don't want to waste time struggling with technology but you DO want to keep up.

You only have so many hours in the day and it's hard to find the time (and energy) to stay on top of it!

Music teachers I've worked with over the years just want the same thing: 

  • Music software explained simply, with NO tech-speak
  • Practical and innovative lesson ideas for using music tech
  • Help navigating software, app and device choices (it can be overwhelming, right?!)

Many music teachers have told me they are stuck and don't know where to turn for help.

But what if I told you:

  • You could easily learn up-to-date software and technology that would change the way you teach your classes
  • You could take online music tech courses at a time that suits you
  • And you could earn professional development certificates while you do it
  • PLUS save valuable time by training at your own pace when it's convenient for you!

what if you could...

save time & cut to the chase!

Avoid sifting through countless Youtube videos and online tutorials to find the information you need.

This all-in-one membership community and program will save you time by cutting to the chase. Training is designed especially for music educators working with students.

access innovative lesson ideas

In addition to online music tech training courses, the Midnight Music Community includes innovative teaching ideas, lesson plans and other resources that help you incorporate technology into your classes.

learn at your own pace

All of the courses and training materials are available ALL of the time. Learn at your own pace, at a time that suits you - whenever and wherever you'd like.

Explanations are in plain English (no "tech-speak!) and no prior knowledge is assumed.

Does this sound like it could make a difference in your classroom?

say hello to...
the midnight music community

The Midnight Music Community is an online community where music tech professional development, lesson ideas, and accountability come together.

As a member, you have unlimited access to:

More than 220+ hours of Online Music Tech Courses

More than standard how-tos, these courses teach you about software from an education-specific angle.

Courses and training materials for: iPads, Chromebooks, Macs/PCs. Includes GarageBand, film scoring, video game composition, songwriting, beginner tech ideas, simple lessons using free resources and more

The Music Tech Resource Bank

A growing collection of resources that you can use for your lessons. Includes video clips for film scoring, notation images for worksheets, guitar and ukulele chord images, audio samples, remix stems, worksheets, listening response sheet, handouts, guides and more.

Rest assured - all content is appropriate for student use.

midnight music community forum

Private Members-Only Forum

Connect with other music teachers just like you! Ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate on solutions to problems. I am in the forums daily to personally answer questions, offer advice, and give step-by-step assistance

Monthly Live Trainings and Q&A's with Katie

Each month, we run a live training for members which includes a Q&A session. Ask any music tech questions you like!

Personalised PD Certificates

Receive personalized professional development certificates of attendance on completion of online training. Perfect for professional development record-keeping!

Music Tech Lesson Ideas

Discover engaging lesson ideas for iPads, laptops, Chromebooks, and BYOD. Includes walkthrough videos and extra resources like printable guides, worksheets and checklists. 

unlimited, 24/7 access to everything included.

here's a closer look at what's included...


For Music Tech


  • 5-Day Music Tech Challenge
  • 6 Essential Tech Skills All Music Teachers Should Know
  • 3 Ways to Use Tech to Make the Boring Stuff Fun
  • ... and much more!

For Elementary

School Students:

  • Boom Snap Clap! Music Tech Lesson
  • The Music Teachers' Guide To GarageBand
  • Creating Soundwave Art
  • ... and much more!

For Middle & High

School Students:

  • Film scoring & Video Game Composition
  • The Music Teachers' Guide To GarageBand on iPad
  • Found Sound Compositions
  • ... and much more!

For the Teacher:

  • How To Create Awesome Teaching Resources
  • How Should I Spend My Budget?
  • Transform Your Productivity with Technology
  • ... and much more!

For Chromebooks, Macs/PCs:

  • Super-Simple Lessons Using Free Websites
  • Getting Started with Chromebooks
  • 5 Music Tech Lessons in 5 Days
  • ... and much more!

For iPads:

  • The Music Teachers' Guide To GarageBand on iPad
  • iPad Apps For The Elementary Classroom
  • Must-Have Accessories For iPads
  • ... and much more!


A collection of music tech lesson plans with step-by-step videos that show you and your students exactly what to do.

Each lesson has a teacher video which explains the aims of the lesson, a brief outline and provide tips, PLUS a separate student video which you can show your class. 

Here is a small taster of the lesson plans in the Midnight Music Community!

What’s in a Name?

A quick and easy lesson in which students sample their name, compose a rhythm and add a drum backing.

Rap My Name

This lesson is a great "getting-to-know" activity for the beginning of the school year. Write and record a rap using the provided structure and compose a rhythmic backing.

Transforming the Blues

Take the standard blues progression, transform it into a non-blues style and improvise a solo using one, two or many notes!  

Boom Snap Clap!

Learn the Boom Snap Clap clapping game and then use tech to record the pattern, notate the pattern and video-record performances

Video Game Themes with Beepbox

Learn about retro chiptune video game music and then have students compose their own soundtracks using the free Beepbox website.

Superhero Themes (an easy film scoring project!)

Explore the compositional techniques that go into a superhero theme, compose your own version and synchronise it to a short movie clip (clip is provided). 

And many, many more!

#3: Get answers to your music tech questions (big or small!)

Our Private Community Forum is available for you 24/7!

Having questions about an app, some software you're using or need advice on distributing and collecting student assignments? 

The Midnight Music Community forum is your safe space for asking anything you like.

There are no "dumb" or "silly" questions!

We also host Monthly Live Training and Q&A Sessions!

Each month we hold a live music tech training session for our MMC members.

These are mini-training sessions on a music technology education topic that was voted for by members of the MMC.

This also comes with an open Q&A time where you can ask me anything music tech-related!

"This is exactly what I need right now."

“You have done a fabulous job setting up something that is clean and easy to navigate and as soon as I logged in I could tell that you "got it". You know what we are hoping to get out of this community. Since I have so many current technology goals this is EXACTLY what I need right now and I am grateful to dive in with the content.”  

Janice Cook  //  Vernon CT, USA

how to join the midnight music community

Monthly Membership

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USD $49 $39 per month

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  • Access to ALL Midnight Music training courses & lesson plans
  • Lesson materials for iPads, Chromebooks, Macs, PCs
  • Music Tech Resource Bank - collection of lesson resources
  • Monthly live music tech training session
  • Join over 900 teachers in the discussion forum
  • Ask any music tech questions you like
  • Professional development certificates available for training 
  • Ongoing support
  • Cancel anytime

Annual Membership

Special annual subscription offer

USD $490 $390 per year

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  • Access to ALL Midnight Music training courses & lesson plans
  • Lesson materials for iPads, Chromebooks, Macs, PCs
  • Music Tech Resource Bank - collection of lesson resources
  • Monthly live music tech training session
  • Join over 900 teachers in the discussion forum
  • Ask any music tech questions you like
  • Professional development certificates available for training
  • Ongoing support
  • Cancel anytime
  • 12 months for the price of 10!

Purchase order payment option (click here)!

"I have learned many shortcuts that I never knew existed. Even my pupils were unaware of most of them!"

"The Music Teachers’ Guide to Garageband is absolutely brilliant. Katie takes you through many topics in a step-by-step format. I have learned many shortcuts that I never knew existed. Even my pupils were unaware of most of them!

Like all Katie’s training, nothing is left unturned. It is always my go-to resource for anything involving music tech and, if I cannot find the answer myself, I know Katie and her team are only an email away. I am a subscriber to lots of communities but, I can honestly say, this is my favourite. Worth every penny (as we say in the UK!). Long may it continue."

Linda Horne  //  Midnight Music Community Member

Anytime, anywhere music tech training & lesson ideas, specifically designed for music educators.

what music teachers are saying

Hello! I'm Katie Wardrobe.

Join me inside the Midnight Music Community and I'll show you how you can effectively integrate technology into your current music curriculum.

I have had the pleasure of training thousands of teachers, speaking at more than 100 conferences, and travelling around the world to inspire others to use technology in their music classrooms.  

My biggest aim is to take the fear factor out of using technology in music education. I like to simplify technology and show how you can use it in your current curriculum.

There is no such thing as a silly question!

I’m here for you: I'll help you feel more confident in using tech resources in the classroom and make sure you have a place where you can get easy-to-understand answers when things don’t go as planned.

The Midnight Music Community was created for caring teachers who want to help their students succeed. It was was created for you.

frequently asked questions

What if I'm a beginner? And a technophobe?

I have iPads / Chromebooks / Macs / PCs / BYOD - will the Midnight Music Community help me?

Are the courses live? Is there a time limit on access to the training materials?

Why on ongoing subscription?

Will the price increase over time?

I want the focus of my music lessons to be singing and playing, not sitting in front of a computer.

I don't have time learn lots of new software and apps.

What are the payment options?

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Do you offer a discount for multiple teachers from one school?

If there is anything at all that you're not certain about or you have any concerns or questions then please contact us at and we'll help you out.

the midnight music community is filled with resources just right for you!

You get immediate access to:

  • Simple training for iPads, Chromebooks, BYOD, mixed devices, Macs and PCs
  • A forum filled with your peers for collaborating on ideas and sharing your wins along with your struggles
  • Unlimited access to me and other staff for one-on-one support and problem solving
  • Done-for-you lessons that are sure to engage a variety of age levels
  • Regular updates to lessons, resources, and training materials
  • Piece of mind knowing that you don’t have to spend loads of time learning new software and work out how to implement it in your classroom effectively


The Midnight Music Community is 100% RISK FREEIf you feel like you don't get great value from the training materials and lesson plans, email the Midnight Music support team at ( ANYTIME during the first 30 days, show us that you actually did the work and we'll happily refund your full payment. 

The best part is this: if you think there is a "slight chance" that Midnight Music Community will work for you, you should enrol today. Because you can try the material... and see if it's right for you over the next 30 days. No guess work needed. Use the material and see for yourself. If you commit to the work and don't feel the value is there, email us and we'll give you a prompt refund. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back. 

"I've gone from having "tech-phobia" to being "tech-savvy"!"

"Thanks Katie. You have been so amazing giving so much of your time, and putting together all of these videos and lessons. I've gone from having "tech-phobia" to being "tech-savvy" 😂😂....thank you!!"

Brielle D'Souza //  Music teacher, Melbourne, Australia

don't spend another day struggling with technology!

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