Thanks for coming to the Interactive Whiteboards session. Below you will find some information about what I did in the session, some notes and links to resources that were mentioned.
– Katie

What we did during the session

The software/websites we looked at during the session were:

  1. Staff Wars 1 and 2 (for computer) and I mentioned Staff Wars for iPad.  You can download the Staff Wars Scorecards here.
  2. Incredibox – the beat boxing dudes.  I have also written a blog post about using Incredibox with students here.
  3. Isle of Tune (cars, roads, lamp posts etc).
  4. Tone Matrix – the grid with the pentatonic sounds
  5. Clip art images by Philip Martin. There are also some great public domain images on the Pixabay website
  6. Learn 5 Tips to Create Your Own Awesome Music Resources
  7. The Big Notation Library
  8. The Guitar Chord Image Library
  9. The Ukelele Chord Image Library

Useful links on Pinterest

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