iPads in Music Education Workshop

Hi everyone! Please find below the information, downloads and links I mentioned during the session.

All the best – Katie

About Midnight Music

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1. Online courses – GarageBand, iPads, Music Tech for Beginners, IWBs, Sibelius, Mixcraft, Audacity and much more

2. Face-to-Face training – in-service PD for music teachers

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Session Notes

1. Download DIY Soundtracks

2. Download Engaging Sound Stories

3. See this blog post for instructions on how to create spooky music using GarageBand

4. Download notes: Engaging iPad Projects

5. Download GarageBand for iPad 10+ Lesson Ideas (this includes the “Choose Your Own Adventure Remix” instructions)

Copy of the presentation file I showed at the beginning of the session


Free iPad Mini Course

I put together a free iPad Mini Course which is delivered straight to your email inbox.  If you’d like to sign up for that, head over here.

Step-by-step iPad Projects Ebook and Videos

If you enjoyed what we did during the workshop and want more, I have a collection of 22 step-by-step iPad Projects.  There are written instructions for each one but even better are the videos that accompany each one 🙂

iPad Projects for the Music Classroom

Some of the iPad articles I’ve written (and one I didn’t write)

Rap My Name