iPad Conference August 13-14 2015

Hi everyone!

It was great to meet you all today. Please find below the session notes and useful links.

All the best – Katie

Session Notes

1. DIY Soundtracks (for complete non-musicians!)

2. Engaging Sound Stories

3. See this blog post for instructions on how to create spooky music using GarageBand

About Midnight Music

You can learn more about what I do here:

1. Online courses – GarageBand, iPads, Music Tech for Beginners, IWBs, Sibelius, Mixcraft, Audacity and much more

2. Face-to-Face training – in-service PD for music teachers

3. Other events – workshops and conference presentations

Step-by-step iPad Projects Ebook and Videos

 22 step-by-step (done for you) lesson plans that use iPads and just a handful of apps.

iPad Projects for the Music Classroom

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