iPad Bootcamp for Music Teachers: Hands-On Workshop

iPads in music education hands-on workshopCurious about how you can use iPads in an engaging meaningful way with your music education students?  This hands-on workshop will walk you through some of the engaging iPad music projects from the extremely popular iPad Projects for the Music Classroom ebook.

Using just a few inexpensive, creative apps we’ll look at easy, adaptable projects for students of all ages. There will be ideas for the one-iPad classroom as well as for 1:1 iPad programs and everything in between.

We’ll start with a series of creative projects using GarageBand: how to compose a song using your own sampled name, how to transform the 12 bar blues and a choose-your-own adventure remix.  Learn top tips for recording and arranging songs and creating radio shows or storytelling projects.

Discover unique ways to explore sound, composition and performance with MadPad and finish with an “app-smashing” program music activity which combines storytelling, images, narration, and mood music.  Learn how you can use Explain Everything for graphic notation, to present student learning, and to create digital portfolios.

We’ll also explore musical iPad extras and accessories: such as the equipment needed to plug in MIDI keyboards, microphones and guitars into the iPad.


Date: Monday 7 September 2015

Venue: The Hamilton and Alexandra College, 1 Chaucer St, Hamilton

Time: 9.30am – 3.15pm

Cost: $180 per person (inc. GST)

Please note: registration fee must be paid by Friday 4 September 2015.

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Katie Wardrobe is a music technology trainer and consultant with a passion for helping music teachers incorporate technology into the music curriculum through a range of creative projects.  She has been a long-time advocate for the practical integration of iPads in music education and in 2014 published iPad Projects for the Music Classroom.

Workshop format

This is a full-day workshop (6 hours) which is broken up into 3 sessions:

  • Session 1 – 1.5 hours
  • Morning tea – 30 mins
  • Session 2 – 1.5 hours
  • Lunch 45 mins
  • Session 3 – 1.5 hours

Workshop notes and professional development certificate of attendance

Each participant will leave with a set of step-by-step workshop notes, links to online resources and further reading and a professional development certificate of attendance.

What do I need for this workshop?

Please bring the following:


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Workshop registration

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