Kodaly Conference Session Elective 4

Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoyed the session. Please find below some notes from the session, as well as links to detailed information and articles.

– Katie Wardrobe

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Hook Theory

Go to Hooktheory website.

We looked at 3 sections:

1. Theorytab – 1 Tabs

2. Theorytab – 2 Trends

3. Hookpad – Songwriting tool

1. TheoryTab

– Chord analysis of songs

– Graphic notation view of melody

– Can use to analyse melody and how it fits with chords: turn on/off notes of chords using Stable button

– Shows melodic contour

– View in many ways

– Youtube and piano audio options

– Chord chart/position for keyboard and guitar

2. Trends

– Choose key first

– Click on a chord “circle”; then choose next chord etc

– See list of song that appear that use the chord sequence somewhere

3. HookPad

– Sign in so you can save

– Chords – choose duration first

– Click on chord name to add it to the song (it will be added at the playback line position)

– Melody – turn on Stable to see “notes in chord”

– Add lyrics

– Export – score, tab, MIDI

Other Useful things:

Shortcuts – See Hooktheory shortcuts

Manual – See Hooktheory manual

My article – See Website of the Week: Hooktheory


Go to Noteflight website

Shortcuts: download Noteflight shortcuts

Manual: see Noteflight user guide


Go to Thinglink website

iPad app – download app

Android app – download app


One Direction poster

Classical composers


Go to Voicethread website

Voicethread example 1: collaborative project: Utah grade 2 artwork with commentary, Colorado grade 9 poems, Texas Grade 5-6 students music in GarageBand.

Voicethread example 2: Music To My Eyes.

Other Links

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