Thanks for attending my sessions today. Below you will find notes and links from all four sessions. Click on each download button to receive the notes in your email inbox.

– Katie


1. Midnight Music Community – Special offer for DAYTiME attendees

The Midnight Music Community is a professional development community for teachers who want to learn more about using technology with their students.

There are 12 full online courses, lesson plans, help and advice all available to you as soon as you sign up. Katie is in there every day personally answering questions and you can connect with other teachers with tech questions and problems just like you.


DAYTiME attendees can take advantage of a special offer of more than 20% off the regular subscription prices :

For more information about the Midnight Music Community click here


2. GarageBand for iPad Session

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Extra notes

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Download iPad GarageBand slides

 Other useful articles

3. Digital Portfolios Session

Download a copy of my presentation file.

I wrote a series of posts on digital portfolios in music education which covers all of the things we talked about during the session.  You can download a copy of each one by using the button at the bottom of the post:

Other links

Places to find free images


My favourite source of videos is the Internet Archive (Moving Image Archive).  Try the Animation and Cartoons, Animation Shorts, Comedy or NASA collections.


My favourite source of music files is the collection by composer Kevin MacLeod on Incompetech.  You can search for music by mood or genre.  You will need to acknowledge the composer if you use his music in a project.

4. Formative Assessment Session

Links to resources below.  Don’t forget to search for existing quizzes where possible, before creating something from scratch.  Save or “favourite” the quiz so you can find it easily in the future.  In many cases you can also copy/duplicate the quiz and then edit it if it doesn’t quite suit your needs.

Assessment resources we looked at:

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