create beautiful teaching resources mockup


An online course for teachers who want to create amazing teaching resources for their classroom.

  • 5 step-by-step online course modules
  • No prior design skills needed
  • Clear, easy-to-follow instructional videos
  • Course instructor: Katie Wardrobe, Certified Canva Creative


  • Virtual interactive classroom
  • Worksheets and graphic organizers
  • Digital badges and certificates
  • Posters
  • Videos and animated designs


We will be using Canva, it's FREE. 


Use it and love it for 30 days or we'll give you your money back, guaranteed.  

Thanks Katie. You have been so amazing giving so much of your time, and putting together all of these videos and lessons. I've gone from having "tech-phobia" to being "tech-savvy" 😂😂... thank you!!

Brielle D'Souza // Melbourne, AU

You have done a fabulous job setting up something that is clean and easy to navigate and as soon as I logged in I could tell that you "got it". You know what we are hoping to get out of this community. Since I have so many current technology goals this is EXACTLY what I need right now and I am grateful to dive in with the content.

Janice Cook // Connecticut, US

Thank you, again, for all you share to make our lives easier as music teachers and to help our students learn in fascinating ways!  I have learned so much from you, and I have only just started going through your training sessions. They are superb! 

Marti Parker // Georgia, US