Create Beautiful Teaching Resources. Fast.

An online course for teachers who want to create amazing teaching resources for their classroom using Canva.

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do any of these sound familiar?

  • "I'd love to create teaching resources that look great, but I don't know where to start!"
  • "Lots of TPT resources look amazing, but I don't think I could ever make something like that myself."
  • "I have so many ideas but I don't know how to make them look the way I envision in my head."
  • "I'd like a way to make stylish teaching materials without spending money on expensive software"

you can easily create stylish teaching resources

even if you're not a graphic designer

Teachers have told me they want: 

  • Design techniques explained simply, with NO tech-speak
  • Practical examples with step-by-step instructions
  • Tips and tricks for using Canva that will suit complete beginners

say hello to...
Create Beautiful Teaching Resources. Fast!

Create Beautiful Teaching Resources. Fast. is an online course for teachers who want to create amazing resources for their classroom.

Hello! I'm Katie Wardrobe.

Join me inside the Create Beautiful Teaching Resources, Fast online course, and I'll show you how you can easily create TPT-worthy classroom resources. And we will have fun doing it!

I am an education technology trainer, speaker and consultant from Melbourne, Australia. I run my own business - Midnight Music and I love working with adult learners.  I've trained thousands of teachers from all over the world - both online and in person - for around 12 years and I still get a thrill when someone learns something new and exciting!  

I've been a Canva user since it first came on the scene and use it almost everyday.  I'm now a Canva Certified Creative and I look forward to helping you feel more confident using Canva for your own designs.  

​Let's get started!

about this course

learn at your own pace

All the course modules are available as soon as you log in. You can work at your own pace and rewatch the course videos as many times as you like.

There's no deadline for accessing the course materials so you can take your time!

step-by-step Canva instructions

Discover Canva's HUGE library of templates, customisable design elements, library of photos and videos and learn how to use them without sifting through countless Youtube videos.

Each course module focusses on a practical design project which will teach you the Canva skills you need step-by-step.

ask questions and share your design with others!

You can ask questions on the course pages (no question is "too silly") and if you are a Midnight Music Community member, you'll be able to connect with other course participants in our forums. 

We have also set up a place where course members can share designs with one another. Super useful if you'd like a little inspiration, or if you'd like to build your collection of teaching resources quickly!

Are you ready to learn how to use Canva, the education community's new favorite online design tool?

You will get ongoing access to:



Each module walks you through a design project via bite-sized, binge-able videos. You'll learn the basics of using Canva,

plus a whole range of ninja tricks to help you create beautiful education resources. 

Module 1:

Canva Basics & How to Create Your First Poster Design

canva module one
  • What is Canva & why use it?
  • Walkthrough of the Canva Interface
  • Make a poster: Canva basics
  • How to choose templates, edit text and images and download options
  • 5 life-saving tips for working smarter!

Module 2:

How to Create Worksheets & Graphic Organizers

canva module 2
  • Worksheets and graphic organiser templates walkthrough
  • How to customise your template
  • Ninja tips for choosing stylish colors
  • How to "steal" a color you see online
  • How to save your own color palette 

Module 3:

How to Make Certificates, Awards and Digital Badges

canva module 3
  • Certificate and digital badge examples
  • Canva skills: color transparency, paste style, photo frames, cropping, making background icons
  • How to create a digital badge design from scratch in 4 steps
  • Working with custom dimensions

Module 4:

How to Animate your Designs, Make GIFs and Create Short Videos

Module 4
  • Walkthrough of animated design, gifs and video examples
  • How to add animation to your designs with transitions and stickers
  • How to create instructional GIFs
  • How to make short videos to promote school events or to teach your students a concept

Module 5:

Create Virtual Classrooms, Google Classroom Headers & Themed Images From Scratch

Module 5
  • Your chance to be truly creative with our final project!
  • Learn how to layer elements to create an original design
  • Make your own virtual classroom, Google Classroom header or a clicable "themed" image for a unit of work
  • Advanced Canva tips and tricks

Here's just a tiny sneak peek of the teaching resources that you'll learn how to create!



We'll learn how to make a range of posters that suit all classrooms! Motivational quotes, Meet the Teacher, event posters, classroom rules, anchor charts and more! 


We'll learn how to look at structure/layout, colors, as well as how to add and edit elements, icons, images (photos and illustrations) and emojis.

Digital reward badges

Create digital badges to reward your students for their achievements - big or small.

These are great for motivation, gamification of learning or to represent microcredentials.

Animations & videos

Canva includes options to easily create slick videos and gifs. You can also create quick little animated designs super-fast!

Virtual classrooms

Make your colleagues jealous (!) with the unique furniture, accessories, and backgrounds in your Canva-created virtual classroom. Canva has a brilliant range of customisable elements you can use in your design.

Themed images

Explore your creative side by making a "themed image" for a unit of work like under the sea, outer space, summer camping, Dr Suess, Peter and the Wolf, or Halloween. Add links to your image that lead to tasks or resources for students.

And more!


Bonus training, downloadable PDFs, template files and more!

#1: Bonus Training

How to Create Memes Using Canva!

Want to make fun little memes for your classroom or to send out in your newsletters? In this bonus training, I'll walk you through how to create awesome memes in Canva!

P.S. Guest appearance by my dog, Ella!

#2: Bonus Canva Templates

Hand-Picked Canva Elements  

I've created Canva templates that contain collections of some of my favorite hand-picked elements for use in your Digital Badge and Virtual Classroom projects. These templates will save you scrolling for hours through the many options!

#3: Downloadable reference list

60+ Teaching Resources You Can Create for Your Classroom Today

Wondering what you can create with Canva? I have a handy cheatsheet with 60+ teaching resource ideas that you can create for your classroom, no matter the subject or grade level. 

"Katie is an excellent communicator and set you up for success from the very beginning"

"This is a brilliant way to do a PD - in the comfort of your home! Katie is an excellent communicator and sets you up for success from the very beginning, with helpful notes and the ability to ask questions on the go. Her sessions are sequential and easy to follow, and if there is something you need clarification on, she is more than willing to help. I highly recommend Midnight Music / Katie's online training and I look forward to the next one!"

Ramona  // Online Training Attendee

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what teachers are saying about Katie's courses

"So helpful."

"[Katie's training] was very helpful in teaching how to create professional resources. Clear explanations, excellent visuals, a handout to follow along and even opportunities to ask questions during the webinar. Also a certificate of completion. Highly recommend!"

Elizabeth // Online Training Attendee

"I highly recommend attending Katie's online trainings!"

"Katie is very thorough and organized, and offers great tips and resources for those attending. I highly recommend attending one of her online trainings."

Cathy // Online Training Attendee

Anytime, anywhere, create your beautiful teaching resources, specifically designed for educators.

frequently asked questions

What if I'm a beginner? Or a technophobe??

What do I need for the course?

Are the courses live? Is there a time limit on access to the training materials?

Is Canva free?

How do I get the Canva for Education account?

Is this course included in the Midnight Music Community?

If there is anything at all that you're not certain about or you have any concerns or questions then please contact us at and we'll help you out.

"Thank you, Katie, for making it super simple!"

"Online training was very interesting and useful for my professional development. I found many great ideas about using technology in music workshops that I run for school children. Thank you Katie for making it super simple!"

Spela  // Online Training Attendee

this course is filled with resources just right for you!

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  • Piece of mind knowing that you don’t have to spend loads of time learning new software 

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The Create Beautiful Teaching Resources, Fast online course is 100% RISK FREEIf you feel like you don't get great value from the training materials, email the Midnight Music support team at ( ANYTIME during the first 30 days, show us that you actually did the work and we'll happily refund your full payment. Try the material and see if it's right for you over the next 30 days. No guess work needed. Use the material and see for yourself. If you commit to the work and don't feel the value is there, email us and we'll give you a prompt refund. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back. 

"Katie is a wealth of knowledge!"

"I always come away having learned something new that I can use immediately! Katie has a wealth of knowledge and shares what she knows so well!"

Gabriella //  Online Training Attendee

are you ready to make beautiful teaching resources for YOUR classroom?

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