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GarageBand Chords: How Smart Instruments Helped My Kids Grasp Music Theory

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This is a guest post by one of our blog writers, Sarah Joncas. GarageBand is a music making program by Apple. It is available for free, but must be run on an Apple operating system (OS). GarageBand can run on Mac computers with MacOS, and on iPads and iPhones with iOS. Today we’ll focus on

Free Lesson Plan: GarageBand for iPad – What’s in a Name?

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Free Name-Based GarageBand for iPad Lesson Plan (It’s Easy!) About The Lesson This lesson is a free sample from my new online course and collection of lesson plans designed especially for the iPad version of GarageBand. It’s a quick project which works well as a “getting to know you” activity at the beginning of the

MTT78: 5 Ways to Collect Your Student GarageBand iPad Files For Assessment

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Links mentioned in this episode: Apple reference manual: Share GarageBand filesApple article about third-party apps and GarageBand project filesShowbie plan pricing detailsHow to Record Your iPad Screen Music Tech Teacher podcast episode 75Apple article: How to record your iPad screenKatherine Miller's blog post: Taking Control of Technology with Apple ClassroomLearn more: The Music

Free Checklist – How to Record a Song in GarageBand on iPad

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Working in GarageBand with your students can be fun and rewarding, but it can also feel overwhelming if you're not sure what steps to take. To make things much easier for you and your students, I've created a checklist to help you go through the process step-by-step. 1. Choose your song Cover song?Original?

5 Lesson Plan Ideas for GarageBand for iPad (video training)

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Lesson Plan Ideas for Music Teachers Using GarageBand on iPad In this live training session, I shared some of the lesson ideas from my NEW course and lesson plan collection for GarageBand on iPad: The Music Teacher's Guide To Using GarageBand on iPad . Visit this page if you would like to sign up for

9 More Things You Didn’t Know About GarageBand for iPad

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9 More “Hidden” GarageBand Tips Back in the early days of the GarageBand iPad app, I wrote an article sharing some “hidden” tips  - 9 of them to be exact.  Surprisingly, they are all still relevant today! Lately, I’ve been immersed in the GarageBand app once again, while preparing my new Music Teacher’s Guide To

How To Import Audio Files Into GarageBand on iOS 11 and Later

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Importing audio files in GarageBand: why do that? Note: this is an updated version of a post that was published in 2016. The GarageBand app on iPad and the operating system have had some changes since then, so this article is applicable to GarageBand on iOS 11 and later. Let's say you or your students

5 Note Naming Apps That Students Love!

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5 of the best note naming apps What to consider There are lots of apps out there that will help students learn the notes of the staff, but I find myself coming back to the same ones over and over again. The best note reading apps have a range of options: you can choose levels,

MTT75: How to Record Your iPad Screen

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Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): Learn how you can make your own iPad video tutorials for students by using the inbuilt screen record function in this episode of the Music Tech Teacher Podcast. Links mentioned Submit your listener question! Do you have a music tech question you’d

Apps For Music Teachers: What can I use instead of MadPad? Introducing Samplebot!

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Apps for Music Teachers: new video series Welcome to the first video in a new series called Apps for Music Teachers.  The Apps for Music Teachers series will introduce you to a range of "apps" - be they iPad or tablet apps OR apps that work in your browser, or even on your laptop and desktop