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MTT23: Coding in the Music Classroom with Josh Emanuel

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In this episode: Middle school teacher Josh Emanuel from New York has been running engaging music and coding classes using Scratch software and the MaKey MaKey invention kit. Josh shares his lessons, student responses and some tips.   Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): Resources and links mentioned

What In The World?? Unusual Musical Instruments [Free Music Lesson Plan]

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A listening and observation lesson - using Youtube videos There are some truly amazing videos of crazy, weird, unusual and wacky instruments on Youtube that are perfect for showing students in class. This lesson is adaptable - there are a set of questions for students to answer (individually or as a group) and you can

5 Ways to Use PowerPoint to Make Your Singing Rehearsals More Effective

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Guest author: Elisa Jones This article has been written by a guest author.  If you’re an educator or music industry professional who is interested in contributing an article to the Midnight Music blog, you can apply here.   Welcome to another blog post written by a guest author.  The author of today’s article is Elisa

Music In Our Schools Month – 9 Music Tech Activities for Music Advocacy

By |2018-09-18T14:29:17+10:00March 9th, 2017|Chromebooks, Elementary Ideas, Interactive Whiteboards, iPads, Macs and PCs, Middle and High School Ideas|

Music tech activities for music advocacy March is Music In Our Schools Month in the USA and I wanted to share a few ideas for activities that incorporate technology that you could use to shine a spotlight on what you do.  Some are quick and some are more involved and even if you’re not in

MTT06: 15 ways to use a single computer in the music classroom

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15 ways to use a single computer in the music classroom In episode 4 I talked about 19 different ways you can use just one iPad in music education, and I wanted to follow that up today with some ideas for using a single computer with your students.  I know that some of you don’t

MTT03: 4 Fun formative assessment tools for music educators

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4 Fun formative assessment tools for music educators   There are many times during the school year where you need to assess the progress or understanding of students in your classes, but with the technology tools available these days that process can be fun for both you and your students. I talk about 4 different

9 Musically Creative Youtube Channels To Inspire Your Students

By |2018-09-18T14:31:27+10:00August 5th, 2016|Elementary Ideas, Interactive Whiteboards, Middle and High School Ideas|

So many videos, so little time I have a few go-to Youtube channels that I visit when I’m seeking a little inspiration and a few days ago I wondered whether other music teachers had their own favourites too.  So I asked Facebook-land.  It turns out many of us love the same ones! There were too

Explore rhythm and meter with the Chrome Music Lab [Free Lesson Plan]

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Lesson: Compose and play rhythms in different meters with Chrome Music Lab In March, Google launched the free Chrome Music Lab Experiments site to celebrate Music In Our Schools month and to allow users to explore the way in which music works.  Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music wrote about the browser-based music tools in

15 Ways To Use Just ONE Computer in the Music Classroom

By |2018-09-18T14:31:34+10:00April 1st, 2016|Interactive Whiteboards, Macs and PCs, Teacher Tech Tips|

Only one computer? Following on from my 18 Ways To Use A Single iPad In The Music Classroom post, today I wanted to share some ideas for using technology with your students when you only have ONE computer. Even if you’re low on tech resources in your music classroom there are still lots of things

31+ Fantastic Free Peter and the Wolf Resources

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NOTE: This post was originally published in August 2011 and I decided it was well overdue for an update.  The original post had 21 useful links and resources, but this updated version has grown a little - to a total of 31 resources.  Some of the links in the original article had also become obsolete so they have been