Top Tips for Running Successful Music Tech Lessons & How to Avoid Disasters!

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Introduction Things I’ve learnt…. Over the years, I’ve discovered a few ways to ensure the smooth running of lessons, workshops and presentations that involve technology. One of the biggest fears about technology is that things will go wrong - and they definitely can do.  It’s happened to me MANY times, but I’ve developed a few

Explore rhythm and meter with the Chrome Music Lab [Free Lesson Plan]

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Lesson: Compose and play rhythms in different meters with Chrome Music Lab In March, Google launched the free Chrome Music Lab Experiments site to celebrate Music In Our Schools month and to allow users to explore the way in which music works.  Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music wrote about the browser-based music tools in

How To Record Students In A Noisy Classroom

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So, you want your students to create music projects that require them to record narration, sound effects, singing or playing of instruments, but you don’t have a professional recording studio and hours of studio time?  It’s more likely that your students are all in one classroom together and you need to use your time wisely.

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