Chromebooks and BYOD

Tips and ideas for using Chromebooks or working with BYOD in music education

MTT53: Using Chromebooks in Ensemble Rehearsals with Shawna Longo

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Shawna Longo is the Music Educator, STEAM Facilitator and Arts Integration Specialist at Hopatcong Borough Schools.  She teaches General music technology classes to grades 6-8 students, has established makerspaces as part of the STEAM initiative at her school, she serves on numerous committees and presents professional development workshops to other educators in her district.   [...]

MTT16: Creative composition projects using music technology

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In this episode: What types of creative music tech projects can I do with my middle or senior school students? I share my favourites which include film scoring, video game composition, the science of sound, digital storytelling, song writing, recording covers and more.   Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): [...]

MTT06: 15 ways to use a single computer in the music classroom

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15 ways to use a single computer in the music classroom In episode 4 I talked about 19 different ways you can use just one iPad in music education, and I wanted to follow that up today with some ideas for using a single computer with your students.  I know that some of you don’t [...]

Free online training: Chromebooks and Mixed Devices in Music Education

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What can I do with Chromebooks or mixed devices in music education? Many of you have been asking me how you can effectively use Chromebooks or a combination of technology like iPads, Android devices and laptops (sometimes BOTH Mac and PC!) in music education. I thought I’d put together an online training session that shows [...]