Free Lesson Plan: GarageBand for iPad – What’s in a Name?

Free Name-Based GarageBand for iPad Lesson Plan (It’s Easy!) About The Lesson This lesson is a free sample from my new online course and collection of lesson plans designed especially for the iPad version of GarageBand.

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MTT78: 5 Ways to Collect Your Student GarageBand iPad Files For Assessment

Links mentioned in this episode: Apple reference manual: Share GarageBand filesApple article about third-party apps and GarageBand project filesShowbie plan pricing detailsHow to Record Your iPad Screen Music Tech Teacher podcast episode 75Apple article:

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Free Checklist – How to Record a Song in GarageBand on iPad

Working in GarageBand with your students can be fun and rewarding, but it can also feel overwhelming if you're not sure what steps to take. To make things much easier for you and your students, I've

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5 Lesson Plan Ideas for GarageBand for iPad (video training)

Lesson Plan Ideas for Music Teachers Using GarageBand on iPad In this live training session, I shared some of the lesson ideas from my NEW course and lesson plan collection for GarageBand on iPad: The Music

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10 Ways Google Slides Helps My Students Build Music Literacy

This is a guest post by one of our blog writers, Sarah Joncas! It is not always strictly musical technology that helps students learn effectively in music class! One of the most powerful technology tools I

15 Youtube Play-Along Channels & Playlists for Music Teachers

YouTube Play-Along Channels & Playlists for music teachers What to consider There are lots of play-along channels out there that are great for using in a classroom with students. Whether it’s playing a ukulele, recorder, boomwhackers,

Top Tips for Running Successful Music Tech Lessons & How to Avoid Disasters!

Introduction Things I’ve learnt…. Over the years, I’ve discovered a few ways to ensure the smooth running of lessons, workshops and presentations that involve technology. One of the biggest fears about technology is that things will

9 More Things You Didn’t Know About GarageBand for iPad

9 More “Hidden” GarageBand Tips Back in the early days of the GarageBand iPad app, I wrote an article sharing some “hidden” tips  - 9 of them to be exact.  Surprisingly, they are all still relevant

How To Import Audio Files Into GarageBand on iOS 11 and Later

Importing audio files in GarageBand: why do that? Note: this is an updated version of a post that was published in 2016. The GarageBand app on iPad and the operating system have had some changes since

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5 Note Naming Apps That Students Love!

5 of the best note naming apps What to consider There are lots of apps out there that will help students learn the notes of the staff, but I find myself coming back to the same

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MTT76: Quick Free Screen Recordings with Loom

Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): For a number of years now I’ve been using screencasting software to record my computer screen so that I can make tutorial videos,

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