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MTT25 – Helping teens find identity through musical creativity with Richard McCready

In this episode I'm joined by Richard McCready, who runs a popular music tech course for senior students at River Hill High School. He talks about his students' composition-based projects and the online publishing process they use [...]

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Ultimate Free Music Tech Resources Guide 2017

  Free Ebook: Ultimate Free Music Tech Resources Guide 2017 Each year I put together a list of free music tech resources - websites, software and more - that you can use in your music classroom. [...]

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Member Spotlight – Traci Cenedese

  Midnight Music Community Member Spotlight This member spotlight features Traci Cenedese from Victoria Australia.   What do you teach and where? I am a leading teacher in Performing Arts at Hampton Primary School. I teach [...]

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MTT24: Composing Movie Soundtracks – Your Questions Answered

  Composing movie soundtracks - or film scoring - has always been a hugely popular topic with students and teachers alike, but there are always questions around where to find movies, what to do if there [...]

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MTT23: Coding in the Music Classroom with Josh Emanuel

In this episode: Middle school teacher Josh Emanuel from New York has been running engaging music and coding classes using Scratch software and the MaKey MaKey invention kit. Josh shares his lessons, student responses and some [...]

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Best Music Technology Books for Teachers

Music Technology in Education Books Note: This is an updated version of an earlier post: 15 Of The Best Music Technology in Education Books.  I've kept the original list of 15, but added some more recently-published [...]

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MTT22: Project Based Learning and Using Video In Teaching with George Hess

George Hess has been teaching music tech to tertiary students for more than 25 years in the USA and also in Singapore. We talk about his experience with project based learning and using video to enhance [...]

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MTT21: Speed up student learning and assessment with Smartmusic

  I chat to Fred Flowerday of MakeMusic and we take a behind-the-scenes look at the new SmartMusic - the widely-used online repertoire and practice tool that speeds up student learning and assessment.   Listen to [...]

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What In The World?? Unusual Musical Instruments [Free Music Lesson Plan]

A listening and observation lesson - using Youtube videos There are some truly amazing videos of crazy, weird, unusual and wacky instruments on Youtube that are perfect for showing students in class. This lesson is adaptable [...]

MTT20: Using Technology for Creative Collaboration with Meredith Allen

In this episode: Meredith Allen is a music educator from the States who has been using collaborative learning with her students and in professional development workshops that she runs with teachers. During this episode, Meredith shares the [...]

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5 Ways to Use PowerPoint to Make Your Singing Rehearsals More Effective

Guest author: Elisa Jones This article has been written by a guest author.  If you’re an educator or music industry professional who is interested in contributing an article to the Midnight Music blog, you can apply [...]

MTT19: Teaching Music Through Composition with Barbara Freedman

In this episode: Barbara Freedman has been teaching electronic music, composition and audio engineering at Greenwich High School since 2001.  She is a leading voice in the music technology in education field and runs professional development [...]

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