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5 Note Naming Apps That Students Love!

5 of the best note naming apps What to consider There are lots of apps out there that will help students learn the notes of the staff, but I find myself coming back to the same ones over and over again. The best note reading apps have a range of options: you can choose levels, note ranges and the mode

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MTT76: Quick Free Screen Recordings with Loom

Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): For a number of years now I’ve been using screencasting software to record my computer screen so that I can make tutorial videos, show someone how to fix something technical, provide feedback and assessment, answer a music tech question quickly, or capture student work on websites that

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60+ of the Most Popular Graduation Songs for Schools

Once again, it’s that time of year! “Does anyone have a great graduation song suggestions??” Towards the end of March (USA/Europe) and beginning of November (Australia/New Zealand) I start to see teachers ask for graduation song suggestions on Facebook and other social media channels. Although new fresh ones appear each year, some songs are perennial favourites. Here’s a list of

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MTT75: How to Record Your iPad Screen

Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): Learn how you can make your own iPad video tutorials for students by using the inbuilt screen record function in this episode of the Music Tech Teacher Podcast. Links mentioned Submit your listener question! Do you have a music tech question you’d like me to answer in

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How Do I Get Started with Macs & PCs in the Music Classroom? [Free Guide]

How can I best utilise my Mac or PC? Where do I start? So, you’ve had your own Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer for some time and you’d like to utilise it more effectively in your teaching. Perhaps your students also have their own Macs or PCs, or you have access to a computer lab at school and

MTT74: Ninja Shortcuts for YouTube

Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): YouTube - it’s a tech tool that’s used almost daily by most music teachers.   Today I’ll share some simple keyboard shortcuts that will make your YouTube use a breeze (and make you look like a total tech ninja). There are 9 tips given in the episode

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