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MTT69: How to Make Lyric Videos Using Powerpoint or Keynote

Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): Lyric videos Teaching songs with lyric videos Lyric videos that have lyrics that show up line-by-line in time to an audio track can be a useful tool in teaching students songs and helping them to learn lyrics by heart.  They are not hard to make but they

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How Do I Get Started With Chromebooks In Music Education? [Free Guide]

What’s the deal with Chromebooks? What makes Chromebooks different? So, you’ve discovered that your school has decided to roll out Chromebooks to students. How can they be used in your music classroom? What exactly can you do on a Chromebook anyway? Chromebooks are laptops that are a little...well...different. They are inexpensive to purchase, they are fast and are designed to

How Do I Get Started With iPads In Music Education? [Free Guide]

So, I have this iPad Where do I start? So, you’ve been given some iPads to use in your music classroom...where do you start? Music teachers have been utilising iPads since they were first released in 2010. While many purchased their first iPad with a view to using it as a digital sheet music reading device, it soon became apparent

MTT68: How to Write an Online Course with Shawna Longo

Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): Today we welcome back Shawna Longo - a music educator from New Jersey - for the third time.  Shawna has just finished creating a full online course for Music First and I thought it would be great to have her on to share some tips for tackling

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MTT67: Create your own teaching resources with Christopher Russell part 2

Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): This is part 2 of my interview with middle school choir director Christopher Russell, from Oltman Middle School in Minnesota, who describes himself as a traditional-style music teacher who uses technology to support his program.   If you haven’t already listened to part 1 , you can listen

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50+ Lesson Ideas for The Chrome Music Lab

What is the Chrome Music Lab? About the Chrome Music Lab The Chrome Music Lab (CML) - created by Google in 2016 - is a fantastic online resource for music teachers and students.  It’s simple to use and its main aim is to allow visitors to explore sound and create with sound.   The Chrome Music Lab is: free interactive