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Best Tech Tools To Increase Engagement During Remote, Face-To-Face or Hybrid Learning

So far in 2020, you’ve had a crash course in how to run a live conference call with students and how to adapt your lessons for virtual, hybrid or face-to-face learning, but you’ve reached a point where you’d like to increase participation and engagement. 

In this FREE live webinar, I'll show you some hand-picked tech tools you can utilise to make your lessons more interactive that will work in all teaching situations. 

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About this free webinar

Hey! I'm Katie Wardrobe - an Australian education technology coach for music teachers.

This webinar will walk you through some tech tools that can help increase interaction with your students no matter whether you’re teaching remotely, in-person or a combination of both in a hybrid situation. We’ll look at a range of ways you can prepare teaching materials that will allow you to adapt to any teaching situation, even at a moment's notice.

During this session we’ll look at:

  • How you can use Pear Deck for two-way interaction, instant student responses and student-paced independent learning
  • How to use the online whiteboard Jamboard to demonstrate concepts, group  discussions and collaboration
  • How to use Padlet for research, exit tickets, question responses and multimedia assignments for groups or independent learning
  • How to create meaningful interactive video quizzes with EDpuzzle
  • and more!

There will be a Q&A session at the end for any teachers attending the live session.  You will also receive useful links, resources and a professional development certificate for your attendance.

PLEASE NOTE: this webinar will be recorded. If you can’t attend the live session, sign up anyway using the registration link and we will send you access to the replay 24 hours after the session takes place.

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