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MTT34: Best 10 iPad apps for your music class students

By | 2017-10-04T12:16:07+00:00 October 4th, 2017|How-To and Tips, Lesson plans and ideas, Music Technology Resources, Podcast|

In this episode of the Music Tech Teacher Podcast, I share several music apps for the iPad, which will be useful in your general music classrooms. These are great for both elementary and middle school ages. I recommend that you start with just a few apps, learn them really well so you can use them in [...]

Creating In Context: Using Repertoire and Music Literacy Concepts To Create With Technology

By | 2017-09-14T09:07:59+00:00 September 14th, 2017|How-To and Tips, Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips, Music Technology Resources|

  Guest author: Karla McClain This article has been written by a guest author.  If you’re an educator or music industry professional who is interested in contributing an article to the Midnight Music blog, you can apply here. Welcome to another blog post written by a guest author.  The author of today’s article is Karla [...]

MTT30: How To Make Your Own Video Tutorials

By | 2017-09-04T21:25:41+00:00 September 4th, 2017|How-To and Tips, Music Tech Tips, Music Technology Resources, Podcast|

 In this episode Why are video tutorials awesome and what can you use them for? What are the educational applications and how do you create them? I’ll answer these questions and also talk about the equipment and software needed (you probably already have it!). Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): [...]

9 Interactive Google Doodles You Can Use In Your Music Classes

By | 2017-08-16T11:54:02+00:00 August 16th, 2017|Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips, Music Technology Resources|

  Since 1998, Google has periodically decorated the company logo to celebrate notable events, anniversaries and historical figures and over the years more than 2000 Google Doodles have been created.   Early Google Doodles were simple illustrations, but over the years have become more complex, more frequent and best of all - more interactive.   In [...]

Perfect Quotes for Your Music Bulletin Board: Part 1

By | 2017-08-02T10:43:06+00:00 July 28th, 2017|Quotes|

Music quotes for your classroom wall: general We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams. We are the movers and shakers of the world, forever, it seems. ~ Arthur O'Shaughnessy Music is Life. That's why our hearts have beats. ~ Cecily Morgan Words make you think a thought. Music makes you [...]

MTT18: Collaboration, Assessment and Digital Portfolios in Elementary Music – with Amy Burns

By | 2017-05-23T13:07:49+00:00 May 23rd, 2017|How-To and Tips, Music Tech Tips, Music Technology Resources, Podcast|

In this episode: Today I welcome elementary music teacher Amy Burns to the Music Tech Teacher podcast.  Amy teaches at Far Hills Country Day School in New Jersey and is a popular music educator who presents regularly at conferences.  In this episode Amy talks about her current favourite tech tools for student collaboration, assessment and digital portfolios. [...]

MTT17: 7 Easy Ways To Survive Technology In Your Music Classroom

By | 2017-05-16T10:29:20+00:00 May 16th, 2017|Music Tech Tips, Podcast|

In this episode: My top tips for success when using technology in music education. In today's episode I have 7 tips for staying sane and surviving technology in the music classroom.  In addition to the tips I’m going to give you an action step for each one - something you can try straight away.   [...]