For the past few weeks, a number of the members of my Midnight Music Community have been working through the various modules of the new Video Creation For Music Teachers course

The course has 5 modules – each covering a different aspect of creating teaching videos:

  • Module 1: effective tutorial videos
  • Module 2: simple playalong videos using Google Slides and Loom
  • Module 3: showcase videos for your school ensemble
  • Module 4: advanced playalong videos
  • Module 5: virtual choir/band videos

Module 2 of the course is all about making simple playalong videos using Google Slides and the free screencasting tool Loom.  

I showed the course members how they can use a “stop motion animation” technique to create the effect of a highlight or pointer moving through the slides in time to the music.

We discussed slide design tips both from a graphic design point of view and also a musical point of view, covered options for sourcing copyright-free or royalty-free music at no cost and talked about the technicalities of recording the song with the correct timing and with decent quality sound.

The simple module 2 playalongs are an introduction to the more advanced version we do in module 4 when we use more the sophisticated video editing software program DaVinci Resolve (also free).

I have been SO proud of what the teachers have created. I wanted to showcase a few of the examples here so you can see what can be created with free tech tools that you probably already have.

My Examples:

First of all, here are the two example videos I made for the course.

The first is a simple ukulele singalong video for The Muffin Man:

The second one is a rhythm playalong I called Detective Rhythms:

5 Teacher examples:

5 Teacher examples

Here are some example videos made by course members.  They did such a fantastic job!

1. Chinese New Year playalong by Kimberly Endel

2. The Rhythm of the Carnival by Marijana Franičević

3. Beach Party Rhythm Playalong by Marissa Tromm

4. The Mystery of the Missing Parts Playalong by Mercedes Romero-Fernandez

5. Music Kit Rhythm Fun by Julie Froud

If you’re interested in making your own playalong videos like these, you can find more information about the Video Creation For Music Teachers course here.

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