How to Record Your Screen & Make it Sound Good

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Recording Your Screen: Two Types of Audio

There are two types of audio that you will potentially want to capture. Knowing that difference will determine the path you will likely want to follow. They are: 

System (Internal/Computer) Audio: any sound that exists inside your computer and comes out through your speakers (Garageband, Youtube Video, Sibelius, MP3, etc.)

External Audio: any sound that is created outside of your computer that you want to capture via microphone (your voice, your environment, your instrument etc.) 

In this guide, I will show you how to best record system/internal audio because I find that’s the trickiest to figure out. 

Many times when I help people with their audio, their settings are set so that their computer/system audio plays out through their speakers and then back into their microphone. This results in sound that is distant, patchy, and overall very poor quality. 

I’ll help you fix it! Read on.

How to Fix System Audio Using Loom

Loom is one of my very favorite free software options for teachers because they offer FREE pro accounts to all teachers of K-12 institutions, universities, or other educational platforms. They are also incredibly easy to use. You can view the educational site to get set up with your free account by clicking here.

Loom Browser Extension for Chrome- Sound from Online Sources

Here is how to capture internal system sound from an online source (Youtube, Soundtrap, etc). 

Make sure you have signed up for your free Loom account. Then, install the Loom Chrome Browser Extension by clicking here. Sign into your account. 

Click on the Loom icon in your menu bar or log in via 

Once you open the extension or click, “Record a Video” on, you will see the menu below. 

To capture audio from your internet browser, click:

  • “Current Tab”
  • “Show Advanced Options”
  • Toggle “Include Tab Audio” to on position.
Loom Browser extention for Chrome

Unfortunately there is no way to capture other computer audio via the Loom browser extension. If you need to record audio from software such as Garageband or Sibelius, you will need to download the Loom desktop app. More info about that below.

Quick note: You can ONLY record audio from one single tab if you are using the Tab Audio function. If you were to navigate away from the first tab to another one, or try to open a computer program,  the audio would not be recorded. To get around that, you’ll need to install the full Loom Desktop App which will allow you to record system audio from offline sources as well as online sources.

Loom Desktop App- Sound from ALL Computer Sources

Here is how to capture internal system sound from other offline sources (Garageband, Sibelius, etc.) as well as online sources. 

Make sure you have the Loom Desktop App downloaded and installed on your computer. Here is a link for the download. 

Once you open the Loom app, you will see a home recording menu. 

Click on the three dots in the top right corner. 

Click, “Preferences” where you will see this menu: 

Loom Desktop app settings

Toggle, “Use System Audio” to ON and “Record Audio in Mono” to ON. 

Video Explanation

If you are a visual/audio learner, here is a simple video I made talking through this topic. Click the image below to view the video.

Video explanation on Loom

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