5 Awesome Sites That Can Help Music Teachers Learn the Basics of Google Classroom

Many schools are “going Google” and using the Google suite of educational tools for educators and students. Google Classroom is a great tool to use for communication and collaboration, but learning its full potential can take some time. If you feel like you have some holes in your knowledge, it can be useful to look for tips, tricks and information from other educators. 

The sites we’ll discuss today are great ways to get ready to use Google Classroom with students. Many of these are not specific to music teachers, but the information they contain would be very easy for a music teacher to adapt to fit their needs. 

1. Shake Up Learning – Kasey Bell

Kasey Bell Shake Up Learning

Shake Up Learning has a variety of helpful blog posts about using technology in schools. There are many posts about using Google Classroom, as well as a paid course to learn about using Google Classroom. 

One of the most helpful resources I found on Kasey’s site was a blog post on how to differentiate using Google Classroom. Music teachers could differentiate both based on skill level and even different assignments for students who play different instruments.

Here are 3 posts we love from Kasey Bell

2. Ditch That Textbook – Matt Miller

Matt Miller Ditch That Textbook

Ditch That Textbook includes many useful teacher resources, including lots of educational technology tips. There are non-technology related articles too, many focused on student engagement. The site has a great article about how to organize a Google Classroom. 

Here are 3 posts we love from Matt Miller

3. Educator Alexander – Desiree Alexander

Educator Alexander

Educator Alexander includes a variety of educational technology topics on their website. The newsletter is full of features and helpful links for teachers interested in a variety of technology tools. In the current newsletter, you can find a link to a beta test program for rubrics in Google Classroom, which sounds like a great option for many music teachers who use Google Classroom for assessment.

Here are 3 resources we love from Educator Alexander

4. Class Tech Tips – Monica Burns

Easy EdTech Podcast

Class Tech Tips includes many, many blog posts about using technology in the classroom. The posts are easy to follow, and the handy search feature makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. 

One interesting blog post covers how to use Spark Video (an Adobe tool) in Google Classroom.

Here are 3 posts we love from Monica Burns

5. Teacher Training Videos – Russell Stannard

Teacher Training Videos By Russell Stannard

This video-based site includes tutorial videos made especially for teachers. One that might be useful to teachers using Google Classroom is the tutorial on Google Forms, which can be used inside a Google Classroom for easy student access.

And a bonus: Google Certification for Teachers

In addition to learning about Google Classroom through the sites above, teachers can also learn about Google Classroom straight from Google by becoming a Google Certified Educator. 

Google Certification for Educators is a great way to learn the basics of many Google Tools, and helps teachers to see the possibilities of the many different tools that Google offers for learning. Multiple training courses and certifications are available, including Levels 1 and 2, Certified Trainer, and Certified Innovator. For more information about getting certified, check out this article.

Here are 3 videos we love from Russell Stannard

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