Ultimate Free Music Technology Resources 2019 - 2020

Free Ebook: Ultimate Free Music Tech Resources Guide 2019/20

Each year I put together a list of free music tech resources – websites, software and more – that you can use in your music classroom.

It all began with a workshop I ran in 2009 titled Music Technology On A Shoestring.  In 2012 I put together the first “Ultimate Guide” and have published a new one every year since.  Many resources that appeared in the first guide still appear in this year’s edition – which proves that they have stood the test of time.

So what’s new? There are around 40 new listings in this year’s guide! Some highlights include:

  1. An entire new section titled Creative sites for Special Needs Students which features 7 separate interactive music sites from the Google Creatability Experiments
  2. Flipgrid – one of the most useful, flexible free apps available for teachers which makes creating and sharing videos super-easy
  3. A huge collection of music samples, sound effects and loops from Music Radar
  4. Two free online courses for students created by Ableton – Learning Music and Learning Synths
  5. New music and education podcasts
  6. the Whale Synth (you need to try this one out!)
  7. and many more

I hope you enjoy the guide and find the resources useful!

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