The Innovative Music Tech Teaching Space part 1

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When students join Brad Fuller’s ProjectRnB music program, they are greeted with “Welcome to show business…!”

This episode is part 1 of my chat with Sydney based music educator Brad Fuller.  

In 2012, Brad was contracted to redesign the teaching space at Northern Beaches Christian School where he is now the director of music. The redesign of the physical space is innovative and works hand in hand with Brad’s unique approach to teaching his year 7-12 students.  

Technology plays a very big part by helping Brad and his colleague Peter teach effectively and by helping the students work independently.

Here’s a video featuring Brad’s students that gives you an idea of what the teaching space is like:

Zones within the teaching space

Brad and Peter’s teaching space is made up of a number of zones.  Students use each zone for a specific activity type and rotate through the zones every 20 minutes.

The zones include:

  1. The Creation Station – capture musical ideas


  1. The Jam Station – where students jam with their band members


  1. Stage – practice and performance area.  Used for the Friday live stream performances.


  1. Suites – mixing, mastering and overdubbing


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Music technology courses for teachers

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