Film Scoring FAQ


Composing movie soundtracks – or film scoring – has always been a hugely popular topic with students and teachers alike, but there are always questions around where to find movies, what to do if there is a soundtrack already, which software to use and how to approach the topic with students. I answer those questions and more in this episode of the Music Tech Teacher podcast.


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Resources and links mentioned


Music software options

  • For the most flexibility: any digital audio workstation that has a video import feature (such as GarageBand on Mac, Mixcraft, Logic, Pro Tools etc)
  • For simple projects: GarageBand app on iPads, Soundtrap or Soundation on Chromebooks


Movie editing software (a few examples – there are many others!)

  • Entry level: iMovie or Windows Movie Maker
  • Online software: WeVideo
  • Screencasting software: Screenflow or Camtasia
  • Advanced options: Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro


Where to find movies for film scoring


Where to find sound effects

  • Check the loop library of your music software
  • Record your own
  • Consider editing a sound effect you already have
  • Search online (last resort!) – try the Orange Free Sounds or


Where to find music you can legally download


More useful links!


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