Get Started Fast With Sibelius for Educators Part 5

Sibelius tutorials for educators (continued)

This is the fifth part in a series of posts that feature Sibelius tutorial videos that I created especially for educators.  You can links to the other parts at the bottom of this post.

Part 5: The Digital Notation Scrapbook

The fifth episode covers the Sibelius Ideas feature in which there are over 2,000 ideas, or snippets of music notation. They are effectively loops, similar to those found in music sequencing and recording programs. The Ideas window can be used as a digital notation scrapbook to find, save and reuse existing or original snippets of music. It’s also a great place to store short musical phrases – such as drum patterns – that you use over and over again across multiple scores. As a teacher, you can use Ideas to easily set up score templates that contain a palette of musical ideas for your students to work with.

  • What is the Ideas Window
  • Exploring the existing Ideas
  • Auditioning Ideas
  • Using Ideas in your score
  • Capturing your own ideas and saving to the Ideas Panel
  • Ideas info and keywords used to help find Ideas that you have saved
  • Editing the music in Ideas
  • Accessing your Ideas across all scores
  • Tips for educators

More Get Started Fast videos for educators

In addition to the 5 videos that have been featured in this series of blog posts, there are three additional videos Get Started Fast with Sibelius for Educators:

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