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What can I do with Chromebooks or mixed devices in music education?

Many of you have been asking me how you can effectively use Chromebooks or a combination of technology like iPads, Android devices and laptops (sometimes BOTH Mac and PC!) in music education.

I thought I’d put together an online training session that shows you some lesson ideas using both free and paid music software apps and resources.

In this free online training session:

  • I’ll show you easy ways to incorporate music tech into your teaching when your students have Chromebooks or a combination of devices
  • Discover a range of great FREE music tech resources
  • Explore fully-featured software options for recording, sequencing and notation
  • Walk away with practical lesson ideas
  • Learn HOW to use the tech tools, including creating drum patterns, composing video game music, remixing, songwriting and more
  • My top tips for avoiding tears – I’ll share the things that commonly go wrong with online music tech and how you can avoid them

Certificate of attendance provided

Everyone that completes the FULL online training session will also receive a personalised certificate of attendance for 60 minutes of professional development.

FAQ about this online training

1. Who is this suitable for?

K-12 music educators that work in the classroom or instrumental teaching studio.

2. How long does the training go for?

This online training session is approximately 60 minutes long.

3. Is it really free?

Yes, this session is 100% free to attend!

4. When is the next session?

Click here to see upcoming session times in your local timezone.

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